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The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters

A poignant, evocative, and wonderfully gossipy account of the two sisters who represented style and class above all elseJackie Kennedy Onassis and Lee Radziwillfrom the authors of Furious Love.When sixty-four-year-old Jackie Kennedy Onassis died in her Fifth Avenue apartment, her younger sister Lee wept inconsolably. Then Jackies thirty-eight-page will was read. Lee discovered that substantial cash bequests were left to family members, friends, and employeesbut nothing to her. "I have made no provision in this my Will for my sister, Lee B. Radziwill, for whom I have great affection, because I have already done so during my lifetime," read Jackies final testament. Drawing on the authors candid interviews with Lee Radziwill, The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters explores their complicated relationship, placing them at the center of twentieth-century fashion, design, and style.In life, Jackie and Lee were alike in so many ways. Both women had a keen eye for beautyin fashion, design, painting, musi...

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The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters Reviews

  • Nancy

    This is a very readable, but not compelling, biography of Jackie Kennedy and her sister Lee Radziwell.

    It is hardly the author's fault that I found these women less than admirable, but in some ways I was sorry that I read enough about them to dislike both women. Their competitiveness was the essence of this biography--and, real or imagined, it did not present either one in a very positive light.

    There is no argument that they were both style icons, but their beauty, style and fame seemed to contri

  • Paula

    I really enjoyed this book. Though the review comments that there wasn't much new in this book, I didn't know much of what was written here. I was a teenager for the Kennedy years in the White House and remember thinking how glamorous Jackie was. But I knew little about Jackie or Lee outside of the images of them at White House functions or in Greece with Onassis.

    This books really was interesting in that it portrayed both their lives both before and after those White House years and the years ju

  • Lovely Loveday

    The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters is a lovely biography of Jackie and Lee. Both women were known for their cultured and European sense of style in both fashion and design, their grace and beauty, and their captivating personalities. A story about two sisters who were close and always there for each other not matter what but at times the tension between the two was unbearable. Lee always felt like she lived in the shadows of Jackie and jealousy always led to competition between the two sisters.

    While b

  • Sarah Beth

    I received an uncorrected proof copy of this book from HarperCollins.

    This biography hones in on the relationship between Jackie Bouvier Kennedy and her lesser known sister Lee Bouvier. Raised to expect men to bankroll their expensive lifestyle, both women were known for their cultured and European sense of style in both fashion and design, their grace and beauty, and their captivating personalities. Yet Lee, who according to this biography had the more outgoing, star-seeking personality, was fo

  • Robin

    I'm curious about the "fabulous Bouvier Sisters" but this book had really nothing much to offer beyond other peoples' reporting, and an interview or two with Lee Radziwill. But it was a quick read, and if you don't know anything about either woman, you might learn something...

  • Chrisolu

    This book is far more sympathetic to Lee than some of the other Bouvier/Kennedy books I’ve read.

  • Kathleen Nightingale

    "The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters" is a biography of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and her younger sister, Lee Radziwill. Coming of age when Jackie married Onassis I felt I was kinda in the know through the gossip magazines. I felt before reading this book that Lee was always flitting in the very near shadows of her sister Jackie. I have not changed my opinion -- Lee remains trying to one up her sister without much success. As they say history is for the winners. It is also for the survivors because in thi ...more

  • Kate Loveton

    Okay, I am going to be upfront with you and tell you that I am a sucker for books written about Jackie Kennedy. I have admired that woman since I was an 8 year old kid, watching the coverage of JFK’s funeral. Her dignity and beauty just caught me, even back then.

    It was refreshing to find a book that looked at both Jackie and her beautiful socialite sister, Lee Bouvier Radziwill, without spite or gushing. Both sisters were presented warts and all, but in a kind and empathetic manner. The author