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Matchmaking for Beginners

Marnie MacGraw wants an ordinary lifea husband, kids, and a minivan in the suburbs. Now that shes marrying the man of her dreams, shes sure this is the life shell get. Then Marnie meets Blix Holliday, her fiancs irascible matchmaking great-aunt whos dying, and everything changesjust as Blix told her it would.When her marriage ends after two miserable weeks, Marnie is understandably shocked. Shes even more astonished to find that shes inherited Blixs Brooklyn brownstone along with all of Blixs unfinished projects: the heartbroken, oddball friends and neighbors running from happiness. Marnie doesnt believe shes anything special, but Blix somehow knew she was the perfect person to follow in her matchmaker footsteps.And Blix was also right about some things Marnie must learn the hard way: love is hard to recognize, and the ones who push love away often are the ones who need it most....

Title : Matchmaking for Beginners
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ISBN : 9781503900684
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 370 pages
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Matchmaking for Beginners Reviews

  • Christine Nolfi

    A magical confection about two women at opposite ends of life’s funny, messy, joyful dance. You’ll cheer for the eccentric Blix and root for Marnie, her young, unexpecting protégé. Highly recommended—with sprinkles on top.

  • Tanya

    So here's the thing....sometimes you want a book that is sweet and lighthearted and with a happy ever after. It has been a long time since I read purely for fun.

    And this book was sweet. Less lighthearted than I expected. It had a lost inheritance and lots of love and a "bad guy" and more than one good guy and you can't forget about the magic.

    But, the reason I gave it 5 stars, is because I didn't expect to love two of the characters - Blix, and her lover, Houndry. Blix could have felt silly but

  • Marleen

    Maddie Dawson's Matchmaking for Beginners was unexpectedly delightful. Just when I think that I've been disappointed by too many books lately, along comes this little gem, and yes I live for these delicious surprises. What most compelled me was Dawson's writing style; it's engaging, witty and it hits the right tone. I enjoyed how so much wisdom about love, life and death was dispersed with humor and lightheartedness, coming through even clearer because of it.

    There's so much heart in these charac

  • Nanda

    This book started promising but unfortunately it went downhill from there, the protagonist is an immature, self-absorbed and a cheater on top of it all, she hurts this actual sweet guy twice and the hurt she causes in his life is dismissed as “he was too boring and now he can find his true love” but the thing is that there’s nothing more boring than her, she’s the least exciting person in the book, every other character is more interesting and complex than her. My feelings about this book can be ...more

  • Rose (Traveling Sister)

    This is the kind of book that will likely get made into a holiday rom-com starring an awkward mishmash of celebrities in a couple years, but it made me laugh quite a bit, so it gets 3.5 stars.

    The concept is...funky: a dying great-aunt (Blix) conjures romantic magic all around her, and she wants to leave behind her legacy for a young woman she hardly knows (Marnie) because there's some sort of kismet between them. The characters seem to be compelling and quirky enough to carry this thing. Okay,

  • Kelli's fire

    Not at all what I expected, but a wonderful story nevertheless.

    I expected a cheesy comedy about matchmaking, but what I got was a touching, mildly amusing story about someone finding themselves and helping a few others along the way.

    No sex (at least not the vulgar kind), no violence (just the pissed off wife kind) and only a couple of dirty thoughts make this a good read for those who like a "feel-good" story.

  • Siv30

    ספר מקסים ומחמם את הלב. בתחילה חשבתי שהוא בז'אנר הרומאן הרומנטי אבל הוא לא בדיוק נופל לקטגוריה הזו והוא כל כך נעים לקריאה וגם משעשע שמפליא אותי אחרי כל כך הרבה ספרים בקטגוריה הזו

    שהסופרת הצליחה לכתוב ספר כל כך מרענן.

    מארני נישאת לנואה, אהובה מזה שנתיים. הוא עשיר בן למשפחה די פלצנית ובמסיבת ההיכרות עם משפחתו היא פוגשת בבליקס, הדודה האקסצנטרית שעוסקת בשידוכים, קסמים ואהבה אנושית פשוטה מלב אל לב.

    אחרי שבועיים נואה מתגרש ממארני והיא פשוט יורדת מהפסים. כשהיא חוזרת לבית משפחתה באיווה, היא מקבלת מכתב מ

  • Mahoghani 23

    Talk about a book that speaks volume. This story was witty, romantic, full of spells, greedy people, and love all rolled into one.

    Marnie marries Noah and two weeks later, she finds herself divorced. His great-aunt, Blix, tried to tell her that Noah was not the right man for her but Marnie followed her heart. Now she's miserable and has moved back from California to Florida and living with her parents that thinks they know what's best for her. Blix has thrown a wrench in the plan by leaving her b