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The Widow's Watcher

From Eliza Maxwell, the bestselling author of The Unremembered Girl, comes a gripping novel about the mysteries that haunt us and the twists of fate that can unravel themLiving in the shadow of a decades-old crime that stole his children from him, reclusive Lars Jorgensen is an unlikely savior. But when a stranger walks onto the ice of a frozen Minnesota lake, her intentions are brutally clear, and the old man isnt about to let her follow through.Jenna Shaw didnt ask for Larss help, nor does she want it. After he pulls her from the brink, however, Jenna finds her desire to give up challenged by their unlikely friendship. In Jenna, Lars recognizes his last chance for redemption. And in her quest to solve the mysteries of Larss past and bring him closure, Jenna may find the way out of her own darkness.But the truth that waits threatens to shatter it all. When secrets are surrendered and lies are laid bare, Jenna and Lars may find that accepting the past isnt their greatest challenge. Can...

Title : The Widow's Watcher
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The Widow's Watcher Reviews

  • Petra

    After The Grave Tender, this was my second book by Eliza Maxwell, and I've learnt that you need to be in a certain mood for these. Ms Maxwell definitely knows how to pull you into a tragic story, and she crafts it skillfully with beautiful writing but goodness these stories are sad and heartbreaking, and did i mention, sad....? In spite of all this gloom, I was glued to this and I absolutely adored the friendship between Lars, a cantankerous old man who lost a lot, and Jenna, who has lost everyt ...more

  • Barbara

    This is one of the most life-affirming books I've ever read.

    After reading the first paragraph of Eliza Maxwell 's THE WIDOW 's WATCHER, I wasn't sure at all if I actually wanted to continue due to the subject matter. Too terrifying for me to contemplate.

    But Eliza's masterful writing style entranced me and I couldn't just leave Jenna on her own, facing a reality you'd not wish upon your worst enemy.

    Raw, brilliant, devastating and remarkably so, full of hope.

  • Aaron

    This one hit me right in the feels.

  • Kristine Hall

    This is the third book I’ve read by author Eliza Maxwell, and there is a reason I keep coming back. Yes, her book covers are gorgeous and enticing and make you want to crawl inside and find out the story behind the image. But those covers are only one appetizer before a multi-course meal. The cover of The Widow’s Watcher whets the appetite, and then Maxwell, like all good chefs, sets the stage by feeding the reader morsels of information that hint at the delicious feast to come. (Note to self: h

    "Is there anything so empty as something that's once been full?"

    Oh, the GUILT in this book. Guilt is such a driving force of human nature, and the richly drawn characters in The Widow’s Watcher are immersed in it. They feel guilt about what they’ve done in equal parts with what they haven’t done…or are going to do…or have thought about doing – or maybe didn’t really do at all. The pain of their guilt radiates from the characters and is exacerbated by the secrets they keep. Eliza Maxwell knows how to write secrets.

    "Forgiveness is hard. It's painful. It's giving when you've got nothing left to give, from places you can't afford to give anything else."

    In what I would say is Eliza Maxwell’s trademark style, she creates complex characters who are ruled by the guilt they carry and the secrets they keep and who are their own worst enemies. Maxwell builds extraordinary, yet realistic relationships between the characters that allow readers to relate to them. These connections, both between characters but also between the reader and the characters, are powerful and make us feel invested in the characters’ lives.

    "Hope was a frightening thing to rekindle. As impossible to control as a wildfire on a dry plain."

    The Widow’s Watcher is powerful and poignant. Prepare to feel emotionally drained after you finish reading because this book puts readers through the wringer. It is at times profoundly sad, but there is a constant hopeful thread that weaves its way in and out of the sadness as the characters search for redemption and forgiveness they don’t know they are seeking.

    The writing is lovely and flows well with short chapters that allow for a quick read. There are some scattered SPAG errors, but none were enough to impact my enjoyment. As I did with The Grave Tender and The Unremembered Girl, I highly recommend reading The Widow’s Watcher for a smorgasbord of feelings that will leave you satisfyingly full but not in need of an antacid.

    Extra credit awarded: Yes, there is a library in the story and though I was initially bummed by the librarian’s attitude and *GASP* withholding of information, in keeping with the rest of the story, there is redemption. Double points awarded for one of my favorite sayings, "You can't judge a book by its cover...but you can judge a person by their books."

    Thank you to Lone Star Book Blog Tours and the author for providing me a beautiful print copy in exchange for my honest opinion – the only kind I give. This full review and more special features on Hall Ways Blog .


  • Rachel Wallace

    3 Stars

    I'm not even sure how to categorize this book. Part family drama, small part mystery/thriller and a lot sad. I'm also having a hard time rating it because there were parts I really liked but a few key factors that seemed pretty improbable to me. I am pretty sure 3 Stars is the right choice for me.


    The story opens with broken hearted Jenna walking out onto a mostly frozen Minnesota lake in an attempt to end her unbearably sad life. Grumpy, equally tragic Lars happens to see her thro

  • Betul

    **ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review**

    4.5 stars

    "She had no one at all. There was only him. An old man with a broken heart."

    When Jenna loses everything, there is nothing to live for. So she makes up her mind and walks onto the ice of a frozen Minnesota lake. As you've read in the synopsis she is saved by Lars, who has his own demons he is struggling with. An unusual friendship develops between these two broken characters. I loved seeing this grow further into the story, an

  • Jennifer

    I LOVED this book!! It was beautifully written and had me hooked from the moment I started.

    At first I thought Jenna was taking a trip with her teenager. Then my heart sank when I realized the truth and that the conversations were actually one sided. I'll admit I cried during this book. There were so many heartbreaking moments. Jenna found Lars when she needed someone the most. Both were struggling with losing loved ones. For nearly thirty years, Lars has not been able to find his two younger ch

  • Lady Delacour

    Interesting yet

    depressing story.

    Listened with TTS.

    Foul Language