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The Widow's Watcher

From Eliza Maxwell, the bestselling author of The Unremembered Girl, comes a gripping novel about the mysteries that haunt us and the twists of fate that can unravel themLiving in the shadow of a decades-old crime that stole his children from him, reclusive Lars Jorgensen is an unlikely savior. But when a stranger walks onto the ice of a frozen Minnesota lake, her intentions are brutally clear, and the old man isnt about to let her follow through.Jenna Shaw didnt ask for Larss help, nor does she want it. After he pulls her from the brink, however, Jenna finds her desire to give up challenged by their unlikely friendship. In Jenna, Lars recognizes his last chance for redemption. And in her quest to solve the mysteries of Larss past and bring him closure, Jenna may find the way out of her own darkness.But the truth that waits threatens to shatter it all. When secrets are surrendered and lies are laid bare, Jenna and Lars may find that accepting the past isnt their greatest challenge. Can...

Title : The Widow's Watcher
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ISBN : 36434976
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 283 pages
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The Widow's Watcher Reviews

  • Shannon Hollinger

    I knew this one was a tear jerker before reading it, so I pulled on my big girl pants. The first few pages were a bit awkward feeling, but then I became ensnared in the author's web. And. It. Wouldn't. Let. Me. Go. So much for my plans today. Who needs clean laundry, anyways? Beautiful. Touching. Intriguing. Mysterious. I was so proud of myself for not crying, then the last few pages broke me. I'm a puddle on the floor. I'm broken. Happy sigh.

  • Karen Kay

    I received this from in exchange for a review.

    Reclusive Lars Jorgensen is an unlikely savior. But when Jenna Shaw walks onto the ice of a frozen Minnesota lake, her intentions are brutally clear, and the old man isn’t about to let her follow through.

    I really liked the pacing of the story. Loss, redemption, forgiveness, love and being able to live on and move through life's terrible tragedies.

    3.5 stars

  • Amanda Dick

    I was immediately drawn into this story by the characters. Larger than life and absolutely recognisable, it was impossible not to be captivated by them. Once the mystery of the Jorgensen family was unveiled, it was near impossible to put down.

    Jenna, in such pain from the loss of her family that she couldn't see a way out of the darkness; Lars, nursing a broken heart in more ways than one; Owen, doing his best despite the secrets he kept; Audrey, lost inside her own mind, holding the key to a dec

  • Linda

    First I have to say thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishers for this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

    This book starts out with much sadness and continues all the way. It’s a book so worth reading and shedding tears for. It had me from the start and I could not put it down. I read all day yesterday and today only stopping to cook and take a shower. Well sleep too but that is beside the point.

    Two lost souls brought together due to so much loss and sadness. Two that would never hav

  • Aaron

    This one hit me right in the feels.

  • Jennifer

    I LOVED this book!! It was beautifully written and had me hooked from the moment I started.

    At first I thought Jenna was taking a trip with her teenager. Then my heart sank when I realized the truth and that the conversations were actually one sided. I'll admit I cried during this book. There were so many heartbreaking moments. Jenna found Lars when she needed someone the most. Both were struggling with losing loved ones. For nearly thirty years, Lars has not been able to find his two younger ch

  • Mystica

    Jenna stumbles upon Lars unintentionally but it seems like fate. Both have suffered unimaginable loss of family in very hard circumstances. Lars however lives in uncertainty whereas Jenna has given up all hope. Jenna is suicidal and just wants to end it all. Lars is living on borrowed time. His heart will give up any day soon.

    How Lars rescues Jenna from a watery death and how Jenna repays the favor by digging into his past uncovering the sad story of his wife and two children and tries to look a

  • Kelli Howard

    From the beginning, the story had me hooked. I was immediately drawn in by curiosity and then fascinated with the characters. Each time I felt I was familiar with where the tale was taking me, a small turn of events took me somewhere new. The story remained believable and was heart wrenchingly honest.