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Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been

"I used to be a lesbian." In Gay Girl, Good God, author Jackie Hill Perry shares her own story, offering practical tools that helped her in the process of finding wholeness. Jackie grew up fatherless and experienced gender confusion. She abused marijuana, loved pornography, and embraced both masculinity and homosexuality with every fiber of her being. She knew that Christians had a lot to say about all of the above. But was she supposed to change herself? How was she supposed to stop loving women, when homosexuality felt more natural to her than heterosexuality ever could? At age 19, Jackie came face-to-face with what it meant to be made new. And not in a church, or through contactwith ChristiansGod broke in and turned her heart towards Him right in her own bedroom in light of His gospel. Read in order to understand. Read in order to hope. Or read in order, like Jackie, to be made new....

Title : Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been
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ISBN : 9781462751228
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 193 pages
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Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been Reviews

  • Controversial Reviews

    To those who hate Christians and the Bible since they say homosexuality is a sin, you will hate this book.

    If you call yourself a Christian but are grossed out by gay people, think it is a choice to have non-heterosexual attraction, treat them with disrespect and make them the butt of jokes because you believe you are superior and your sins are lesser and not important to God because you are straight, YOU NEED TO TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT BEING CHRISTLIKE AND I AM ASHAMED THAT

  • Amanda

    I don't know how I ran across Jackie Hill Perry, but after hearing her story...and how she talked about her story, I wanted to know more. I've listened to numerous interviews with her and always walk away not as interested in her ex-gay conversation but instead her talk about God.

    This story is a brutally honest, poetic, saturated in Scripture memoir of exactly what the tagline says, "who I was and Who God has always been."

    As Jackie tells bits of her story, she then turns to God's Word to explain

  • Hyapatia Lowe

    "God is not calling gay people to be straight, He is calling them to Him"

    This book was a amazing. I truly felt the love in each page. It is primarily based on struggles in sexuality but every person weather you are gay or not can take something from this book. Jackie touches on many areas, such as dangerous dogmatic teaches, worldly views on identity, false Christian teachings, and the confusion of sin. I just loved this. She truly captures and shares the importance of our lives being about God

  • Hannah

    Most spiritual type books have mediocre writing with great content, mediocre content with good writing or none of the above. Jackie Hill Perry is a gifted artist and her words are absolutely beautiful. Even more, the content is deep, profound and meaningful.

    There are few books that I want to slow down, yet also speed through at the same time. This is one of those books.

    It is honest and real from a person who has such a deep love and compassion for people but an even deeper love for God.

  • David  Schroeder

    A beautiful memoir and must read even if you think you would relate little to none to her story.

    I'm not into hip hop or spoken word. I'm not gay (or was). I am a man. I didn't grow up dealing with any of the circumstances like Jackie did. There is very little reason to read this except for the sake of empathy and that in this case, empathy and understanding is the most important reason. Everyone has a story and hers is worth reading.

    This is not a book just about homosexuality. It is about disc

  • Sarah Hoch

    This book is awesome to listen to on audible because Jackie Hill reads it herself. I loved her poetic words and her biblical knowledge. I also appreciate reading books that I don’t agree with to get a different perspective. All in all great book, but I can’t get over the “God can make you straight” idea.

  • Davina

    It is hard to write a review for a book you love so much, that is full of truth and eloquently, poetically written. Never could I do it justice with my feeble words. But let me say this: this is a book for everyone. It is not primarily about sexuality, but about sin and truth, redemption and the beautiful Christ. Jackie Hill Perry reminds us that we can't find deliverance from sin merely by understanding it is sin, but by understanding its deceptive nature and the glorious, all-surpassing joy th ...more

  • Francine Walsh

    Knowing Jackie Hill Perry mostly for her spoken word work, I don't know why I was surprised to see that "Gay Girl, Good God" was so poetic. Jackie tells her life story in an incredibly compelling way that will keep you hooked. And when she's done, she keeps the amazing work at the parts of the book that are more practical. Great book for ANYONE, whether struggling with same-sex attraction or not, whether a Christian or not. So helpful for understanding and better knowing how to respond to same-s ...more