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The Thinnest Air

A womans disappearance exposes a life of secrets in a twisting novel of psychological suspense from the author of The Memory Watcher.Meredith Price is the luckiest woman alive. Her husband, Andrew, is a charming and successful financial broker. She has two lovely stepchildren and is living in affluence in a mountain resort town. After three years of marriage, Merediths life has become predictable. Until the day she disappears.Her car has been discovered in a grocery store parking lotpurse and phone undisturbed on the passenger seat, keys in the ignition, no sign of struggle, and no evidence of foul play. Its as if she vanished into thin air.Its not like Meredith to simply abandon her loved ones. And no one in this town would have reason to harm her. When her desperate sister, Greer, arrives, she must face a disturbing question: What if no one really knows Meredith at all? For Greer, finding her sister isnt going to be easybecause where shes looking is going to get very, very dark....

Title : The Thinnest Air
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ISBN : 36396032
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The Thinnest Air Reviews

  • Amy

    Minka Kent is one of those authors who I think I’ll always follow closely based solely on the fact that she writes highly addictive and entertaining stories that I’m able to devour in a few hours. I’m always hooked within the first few pages and find her books to be incredibly hard for me to put down, what’s better than that?! While the bulk of this one was fantastic the ending was lackluster and left me wanting more making this my least favorite of hers to date.

    The premise is nothing new, a wom

  • Zann

    The build up was pretty good and I really liked Greer, but then I thought the ending was rushed. And the big reveal as to who was the kidnapper? Well what I'd imagined was far more interesting than what was actually revealed...the who, the why, the how was kind of ordinary. I wanted this book to be more psychologically twisted than it actually was.


    Also, I wanted to know: 1) What was the falling out between Meredith and Allison about? Not that it ended up being relevant, but it C

  • Stepheny

    I’ve had a rough start with Kindle Firsts. It’s a great concept- prime members getting access to books FOR FREE about a month before their scheduled release date. I dig it. I dig free books. But the first few I tried that sounded awesome were complete garbage. I stopped looking at the emails that told me they were available for a few months. But July’s picks sounded promising, so I took a chance.

    When 20-something Meredith gets married to a man almost 3x her age, she thinks she’s got it made. He’

  • Valentina

    Although I found this book beautifully written, I didn’t feel thrilled by it, nor particularly curious to find out who kidnapped Meredith. Unfortunately, this was a heard-one-too-many-times-before story for me.

  • Bridget

    So let me start this out by saying that I was hesitant to read The Thinnest Air because I absolutely hated The Memory Watcher . I will never not give an author a second chance but TMW was paaaainful to read. Against my better judgement and my inner bookish girl who shook her head ferociously and begged me to walk away, I read it. I can see by the reviews that I my opinion may not be the most popular but I'm going to put it out there anyway because I can.

    I will sum this up sans spoilers. Meredit

  • Heidi

    I recently read The Memory Watcher by Minka Kent and was totally blown away by it. It contained all the elements I hope to find in a twisty psychological thriller, and I couldn’t wait to read Kent’s latest novel, The Thinnest Air, settling in for another breath-taking experience.

    Initially, Kent fully pandered to my wishes. I really enjoyed the dual POV: the elder sister, Greer, narrating the present, in which she is looking for her missing sibling; and Meredith, the younger sister, telling us ab

  • Tammie

    I’m a big fan of Minka Kent and this book didn’t disappoint-a solid 3.5 stars for me. The Thinnest Air is a mystery/thriller that centers around sisters Meredith and Greer. Meredith seems to have to have all-a rich husband, beautiful house and two step-children-so what happened and why did she go missing!? The Thinnest Air is full of colorful characters and many twists/turns-recommend to readers that like mystery/thriller books.

  • Laura

    2.5 Stars

    Well this was my freebie for the month of June and I wasn't all that impressed. This was ok but just barely. At first I really couldn't stand either one of the sisters. I thought that they both came across as spoiled and self centered. I thought the dialogue was pretty terrible at the start too. Especially the dialogue between Greer and Andrew. It was so unnatural and awkward but also flat and boring.

    As the story progressed, those things improved. The dialogue got better. More complexi