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No One Tells You This

If the story doesnt end with marriage or a child, what then?This question plagued Glynnis MacNicol on the eve of her 40th birthday. Despite a successful career as a writer, and an exciting life in New York City, Glynnis was constantly reminded she had neither of the things the world expected of a woman her age: a partner or a baby. She knew she was supposed to feel bad about this. After all, single women and those without children are often seen as objects of pity, relegated to the sidelines, or indulgent spoiled creatures who think only of themselves.Glynnis refused to be cast into either of those roles and yet the question remained: What now? There was no good blueprint for how to be a woman alone in the world. She concluded it was time to create one.Over the course of her fortieth year, which this memoir chronicles, Glynnis embarks on a revealing journey of self-discovery that continually contradicts everything shed been led to expect. Through the trials of family illness and turmoi...

Title : No One Tells You This
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ISBN : 9781501163135
Format Type : Hardcover
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No One Tells You This Reviews

  • Lauren

    Just finished this excellent memoir on, well, everything: turning 40, staying single, losing a parent, caring for yourself, the freedom to go wherever the impulse takes you, uhhhh maybe hooking up with a 28 year-old working a dude ranch in Wyoming (why the hell not?), and building a life that doesn’t meet everyone else’s expectations of womanhood but somehow feels right. I’ve only read books written by women this year. I’m so thankful we now have all of their voices, and all of their experiences ...more

  • Sarah

    **I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway, and there several spoilers in this review**

    This is a very honest memoir that really gives you a glimpse of how complicated life gets as you grow older and how hard it is to know if you've made the right choices.

    MacNicol describes with candor what it was like losing her mother slowly to degenerative disease, helping her sister with 3 kids including a newborn after the husband walked out (and thoroughly exemplifying how kids can be incredibly annoying an

  • Thomas

    I love this courageous, gentle, thoughtful memoir. Glynnis MacNicol writes about her 40th year, in which she finds herself without a romantic partner or kids. Determined to avoid the stories and stereotypes so often told about single, childless women (e.g., objects of pity, selfish and spoiled creatures, invisible humans), she sets out to create a new, more empowered narrative. She embarks on a journey of self-discovery and connecting with others that entails family illness and struggle, travels ...more

  • Jana

    Five stars not enough. I loved every word of this book and I am evangelizing about it to anyone who will listen. It's not long, but I savored it over several days because I just didn't want it to end. The story of the author's 40th year weaves together her struggles to be a long-distance caregiver to her dying mother and maintain her relationships with her father and sister (while her sister has a baby in the midst of this), all while coming to terms with her happiness and independence as a sing ...more

  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader

    Glynnis MacNicol was about to turn 40, and all-of-sudden, she began to question her life’s purpose. Up to that point, she’d had it all in her mind- a successful career and an exciting life. But should she want more? Should she want what society says every 40 year old woman should have?

    This memoir chronicles MacNicol’s 40th year, as she takes a deeply personal journey of self-discovery. It’s a tough year for her emotionally, she has an ill family member, and she has to walk through many highs an

  • Maddie

    Glynnis MacNicol's book is a well-written and thoughtful consideration of what it means to a woman romantically (but not socially) alone in the world.

    MacNicol struggles with the loneliness and responsibility that sometimes comes with being a single woman. Many people count on her to provide caregiving. Her sister's husband left her while she was pregnant with their 3rd child, then MacNicol spent weeks helping watch her children while she recovered from giving birth. When they reconcile (yikes),

  • Corinna Fabre

    I'm not even sure where to begin reviewing No One Tells You This. This book is breathtaking and poignant to the point of surreal. Glynnis leads by example: by taking readers through her trials, tribulations and moments of peace as partners in her journey, she imparts the kind of wisdom that can't be achieved by smacking you over the head with proselytization, but instead flows from a deep well of empathy and experience.

    Her writing is expert and never crossing the line into glib or saccharine, wh

  • Julie

    I have a big fat friend crush on Glynnis MacNicol and i hope that she keeps writing more books like this. We need them!!

    Once in a blue moon, a book comes along that feels as though it was written just for me. This is definitely one of those books. It won't be for everyone, but i know some very special women, marching to the beat of their own drum, that it will resonate with 100%