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223 Orchard Street

A heartening novel of the immigrant experienceand of redemption, self-sacrifice, and the power of hope when all else seems lost.Irish immigrant Katie OConnor and her younger sister, Shannon, risk everything to journey to America at the turn of the twentieth century. As each woman passes into an intimidating, stirring, and unpredictable New York City, she is forced to rethink her dream of a better life. It isnt until Katie begins serving the sick in the depressed slums of the Bowery alongside Dr. Titus Brentwood that she discovers her true calling. Meanwhile, fate directs the vulnerable Shannon down an unsettling path that could put her life at risk.As Katies and Tys selflessness and devotion turn into something deeper, Ty must make a choice that could save one OConnor sister at the expense of losing the other. But Katie hasnt come this far to let go now. Shell do anything to save Shannon and hold on to the man shes come to love....

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223 Orchard Street Reviews

  • Shelly Dabbs

    This is a story of love, hope & challenges. Katie recently came to America, where she met Dr Ty. He helped get her through Ellis Island. She is now waiting for her sister to make it through Ellis Island after she was able to save for her to come to America also. Her sister is held at Ellis Island so she is able to connect with Dr Ty & he goes there to get her released since she is in medical. Katie is working at a factory, living in a tenement with her Aunt & Cousin. Her aunt's healt ...more

  • ansel

    A heart wrenching love story between a hard working, self sacrificing Irish immigrant seamstress/nurse Katie O’Conner and a compassionate, distressed doctor Titus Brentwood. The story takes place in the New York City lower east side tenements, and Ellis Island. Our compassionate, distraught doctor Ty fought to give good medical care to the poor while dealing with his own personal battles at his clinic in the lower east side and on Ellis Island where he first met Katie. They meet again on the fer ...more

  • Margaret Sullivan

    As usual Rene

    As usual Renee did it again.I love her books,and her way of bringing the story to life.Thank you for always bringing love to life..This book is very good read. I recommend it very much.

  • Marnie

    It's about two sisters who come through Ellis Island and need to make a go of it in the Bowery of NYC. Their aunt is their sponsor. Shannon, the younger, pines for her fiancé who didn't board the ship to NY with her. The older sister, Katie O’Connor, is a talented seamstress who seems to have more connections than most in her station. It's a romance, with a brooding, Dr. Titus Brentwood, looking for redemption from a surgical procedure gone wrong.

    It was a quick read. I found myself wanting more

  • Katie

    I received a free Kindle copy of this book from a Goodreads giveaway. I enjoy historical fiction, so I was happy to have won.

    This was sweet and enjoyable for a light-reading venture. It was also predictable and small. When I say small I mean that it felt like so much more could have been said or explored into the historical part of the story; let the setting become a character. But instead it was all contained so much in the characters and their very obvious storylines.

    I wanted to love it, but

  • Karen A. Love

    223 Orchard Street

    This book was delightful. Loved the historical period it depicted and the characters kept you hanging on until the next words were spoken. I would recommend this novel to anyone who loves a bit of romance and mystery.

  • Valerie Miller

    The Immigrant Experience Brought to Vivid and Colorful Life

    I’ve read other books and seen many movies highlighting the struggles, challenges, sacrifices of immigrant coming to America in early 20th century, but I’ve rarely felt them in the way I did reading this book. I felt their fear, I saw the streets they lived on and the tenements they lived in, I experienced the poverty, the pain and the discrimination.

    And finally, I loved the sweet romance that was set against the backdrop of it all. Gre

  • Julia

    Welcome to America!

    This is my first read by this author. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational read. I was fascinated by the process of the immigrants and Ellis Island. It whetted my appetite for further research. What these folks went through to make a living and how they survived was remarkable! The love story made this book complete. I definitely recommend this book for everyone.