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A Gathering of Secrets

A deadly fire exposes the dark side of Amish life in this harrowing new thriller in the New York Times bestselling series.When a historic barn burns to the ground in the middle of the night, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is called in to investigate. At first, it looks like an accident, but when the body of eighteen-year-old Daniel Gingerich is found insideburned aliveKate suspects murder. Who would want a well-liked, hardworking young Amish man dead?Kate delves into the investigation only to find herself stonewalled by the community to which she once belonged. Is their silence a result of the Amish tenet of separation? Or is this peaceful and deeply religious community conspiring to hide a truth no one wants to talk about? Kate doubles down only to discover a plethora of secrets and a chilling series of crimes that shatters everything she thought she knew about her Amish rootsand herself.As Kate wades through a sea of suspects, shes confronted by her own violent past and an unthinkab...

Title : A Gathering of Secrets
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ISBN : 9781250121318
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 308 pages
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A Gathering of Secrets Reviews

  • Laura/Mystery in Minutes

    Suspenseful, chilling, and thought-provoking, A Gathering of Secrets by American writer Linda Castillo is number ten in her Kate Burkholder series, but can easily be read as a standalone. With this installment, Ms. Castillo has, once again, authored a winner!

    There are a few factors, in particular, that make this series, as a whole, stand out. Firstly, the series revolves around a woman who was raised in an Amish family, but left the fold when she was eighteen. Kate Burkholder is the Chief of Pol

  • Liz

    I’ve been a fan of this series since the first book. And once again, Linda Castillo does not disappoint.

    The book grabs you from the get go. A young Amish girl commits suicide. Six months later, a young Amish man is trapped in a barn that someone sets on fire. Kate finds herself stymied as she tries to investigate the arson. The Amish aren’t known for wanting interaction with the English, especially with the police.

    Castillo does a great job of explaining the Amish beliefs, especially concerning

  • Marialyce

    4.5 truly suspenseful stars

    A barn burns, a chief of police is called, a body is discovered burned to death and murder is afoot. Welcome to the setting and story of....A Gathering of Secrets (Kate Burkholder, #10)

    Kate Burkholder is the chief of police in a small town populated by many in the Amish community. She is called to investigate and find the person who set fire to a historic barn which killed a young Amish boy, Daniel Gingerich. From all, she gleans that Daniel was a good boy, hard workin

  • Diane S ☔

    A barn burns down, a young Amish man's body found within. Who had reason to cause the death of this young man, and why when from everyone Chief Kate Burkholder talks to all she hears is good things. Eventually this case will bring Kate to close to comfort to things in her own past. Can see remain neutal enough to see justice done?

    Tenth in series and so far this series remains strong, and best of all Kates personal life actually changes, instead of remaining stagnant. This is one of the series th

  • Brenda

    I have followed Linda Castillo’s Kate Burkholder series from the beginning and enjoyed them all. This book is one of the best of the series.

    The story is heartbreaking and affects Kate to the depths of her soul. The book relates the strength of family and how far one would go to protect them. It also relates the strength of friendship and love. It shows how certain past events are buried in our psyches and affecting our current actions.

    I am amazed at the growth in Kate Burkholder. She has come a

  • Laura Bradford

    I can't believe I forgot to review this. I bought it the day it came out and read it over two evenings. Great plot, love revisiting Kate and Tomasetti (love him). Already eagerly anticipating next summer's book!

  • Kira

    A fire in a barn revealed some unsettling secrets in an Amish community. The story took a few twists and turns. It wasn't one of my favorites in the series, but it was really good. This book was very Kate centric. Many of the usual side characters were there but didn't play pivotal roles. Kate was focused on so strongly because she had a unique perspective on the case.

    The main topic of this book is a highly relevant one in society today. It had strong parallels to Kate's past. I love it that thi

  • ShoSho

    Gaah these books are hard to read and hard to put down! I was going to take my time listening to this but I couldn't help it!