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Making Friends

Sixth grade was SO much easier for Danielle. All her friends were in the same room and she knew what to expect from her life. But now that she's in seventh grade, she's in a new middle school, her friends are in different classes and forming new cliques, and she is completely lost. When Danielle inherits a magical sketchbook from her eccentric great aunt Elma, she draws Madison, an ideal best friend that springs to life right off the page! But even when you create a best friend, it's not easy navigating the ups and downs of relationships, and before long Danielle and Madison are not exactly seeing eye-to-eye.To make matters worse, Danielle has drawn the head of her favorite (and totally misunderstood) cartoon villain, Prince Neptune. He's also come to life and is giving her terrible advice about how to make people like her. When she rejects him and he goes on a rampage during a school pep rally, Danielle and Madison have to set aside their differences to stop him!...

Title : Making Friends
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ISBN : 9781338139211
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 272 pages
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Making Friends Reviews

  • Eli

    I loved this book so much! I'm only rating it 4/5 because I felt that the ending was abrupt and I predicted it right of the bat, and I also felt that the book kinda skipped a lot in pieces. But this book is up there in my favorite graphic novel list.

  • Juniper Nichols

    What if the shy kid could draw anything in a magic sketchbook and make it incarnate - including a best friend? That will go super smoothly, right? More than just a pretty concept or a hollow “be yourself” morality tale - genuinely thoughtful and funny.

  • Vernon Area Public Library KIDS

    Now that Danielle is in seventh grade, she's in a new middle school, her friends are in different classes and forming new cliques, and she is completely lost. When her great aunt dies, she inherits a magical sketchbook where whatever she draws comes to life as she draws it (think: head without a body). When she draws her favorite cartoon character and a new best friend, hilarity ensues and shenanigans begin, but is having "the perfect" life really worth it?

    Recommended for 5-8 grade.

    Reviewed by R

  • Kristin

    Another graphic novel awkward transition from elementary school to middle school where you have to learn how to make friends while dealing with all the sudden miserable changes that puberty brings, but this one includes magic sketchbook. Gudsnuk balances the wish fulfillment fantasy and the school drama pretty well and Danielle is a likable character with realistic flaws. There's also lots of fun little details sprinkled through the panels that adds extra oomph to the humor.

  • Rachel Cannon

    Making Friends is a witty and delightful graphic novel. It is now one of my new favorite books. At first the book seemed like a tale about a girl who struggles to make friends, sort of like The Dork Diaries. However, the book weaves in some fantasy and has a clever, very suspenseful plot.

    Dany feels like a loser after starting seventh grade. None of her elementary school friends are in her classes, and she finds herself sitting alone at lunch. After discovering a magical notebook, she decides to

  • Sara

    A cute, spunky story about a girl desperate to make friends with a little help from her magic sketchbook. Her friends feel authentic and while there is a lot of fantasy this story still felt real. The art style was really pretty.

  • Lauren

    A perfect pick me up for adults And a reminder for all ages about how to make friends. It dates me, but I absolutely loved the Sailor Moon vibes. Don’t we all go through stages where we have no idea how to make new friends and feel like we’ll be alone forever? I hope that’s not just me. I was feeling down on myself when I picked this up, and I’m feeling more hopeful now than I was before.

  • L. B. Bugle

    This book is about a 12-year-old girl named Danielle who finds her dead aunt's magical sketchbook which makes anything you draw in it become real. She draws a head of a character she likes, which comes to life as a floating head. She also draws a girl to be her friend, Madison.

    The story was very interesting, funny at times, cute, and a little surprising. The illustrations were very cute and well-drawn. I loved it!