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Noah Savino has been stuck in a wheelchair for months. He hates the way people treat him like hes helpless now. Hes sick of going to physical therapy, where he isnt making any progress. Hes tired of not having control over his own body. And he misses playing baseballbut not as much as he misses his dad, who died in the car accident that paralyzed Noah.Noah is scared hell never feel like his old self again. He doesnt want people to think of him as different for the rest of his life. With the help of family and friends, hell have to throw off the mask hes been hiding behind and face the fears that have kept him on the sidelines if he ever wants to move forward....

Title : Mascot
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ISBN : 9780062835642
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 336 pages
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Mascot Reviews

  • Amy

    Initially, I was a bit hesitant about this book. What can I say, I do judge books by their covers. And this one just wasn't doing it for me. Plus, when I read the description, I was immediately reminded of Natasha Friends How We Roll , which I absolutely thought was a delight, and was worried this one would be a pale comparison.

    I was wrong.

    This is a solid, funny, heartwarming middle grade tale about friends, finding yourself, and realizing that sometimes you do have to start a new chapter in the

  • Sara

    What a great book! Noah is stuck in a wheelchair, thanks to a car accident that killed his dad, and is angry that he can't play baseball anymore, angry that he can't move his body like he used to, and angry that everyone is trying to make him be positive when he can't find anything to be optimistic about. When a new kid transfers to his school without knowing anything about Noah's past and his mom is making decisions that Noah disapproves of, Noah starts to realize that being angry isn't getting ...more

  • Elizabeth

    Antony John captured so many topics in this book, whether as focal points or minor tidbits. There were two boys with disabilities, for completely different reasons. And I loved the spirit and determination Dynamo had. There was a huge warning not to be on your cell phone while operating a vehicle. There was (from my speculation), a character on the spectrum, and others who are different races and ethnicities. There was the acceptance of others, dealing with a bully, and struggling with the death ...more

  • Valerie McEnroe

    Sometimes books soar like a plane in the opening chapter, then slowly lose altitude and crash. Not this book. This book is like a symphony, opening with a few instruments. The next thing you know the entire orchestra is involved and your mind is blown by the beauty of it all.

    The story opens with Noah and new kid Double-Wide. Noah is cynical, sarcastic, bitter. He used to be a rockstar catcher on his little league team. Now he's in a wheel chair, after a car accident left him paralyzed and his d

  • Sarah

    Increasingly there has been a push in children's literature for strong female characters and books that celebrate girl power. Even though strong female characters have always been the dominating force in children's literature (Jo March, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Anne Shirley, to name a few) more and more authors and publishers are promoting feminism. Problem is, boys are often overlooked. Yes, Harry Potter made a lasting impact but, for the most part, single realistic novels center around girls. For ...more

  • Meg Miller

    Noah is a 7th Grader who used to be a big baseball fan...he was a great catcher for his Little League team, and he and his dad bonded over Cardinals games. But then came the car accident that killed his dad and landed Noah himself in a wheelchair. Now he's pretty angry at the whole world and between dealing with physical therapy, the limits of his body, and a bully at school, how is he supposed to handle anything his mom maybe dating, or new feelings for an old friend, or gym coaches ...more

  • Forever Young Adult

    Graded By: Brian

    Cover Story: Baseball Town

    Drinking Buddy: Get 'cher Cold Ones!

    Testosterone Level: First Base

    Talky Talk: Play Ball!

    Bonus Factors: Weird Kid, St. Louis Baseball

    Bromance Status: Teammates

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  • Yapha

    A lot of real, raw emotions here. Noah lost the use of his legs in the same accident that killed his father. Now he's trying to navigate both the middle school hallways and middle school friendships in a wheelchair. Add in an awkward new friend, a long time adversary, a potential love interest for both him and his mother, some baseball, and you have a book that is hard to resist. Highly recommended for grades 5 & up.