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Things have settled down at the Tulsa House of Night since Zoey and the gang closed the tear between worlds and sent Other Kevin back to the Other World. Neferet hasn't stirred. Damien and Jack are falling in love all over again. Stevie Rae and Rephaim are back in Tulsa where they belong. The Depot Restaurant is being rebuilt with the enthusiastic involvement of local humans. A new school year has begun, and Zoey's exchange student program with public schools is really taking off. All is well.But if all is well, why is Zoey increasingly withdrawn and moody?Sadly, Stark is sure he knows the answer to that question. Zoey can't stop thinking about following her brother to the Other World, and Stark isn't deluding himself about why. Of course she wants to be sure her brother is okay. Of course she wants to help defeat Neferet in yet another world and be sure the balance between Light and Darkness is restored. But the real reason Z is so drawn to that other House of Night world is because H...

Title : Lost
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ISBN : 9781538440742
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 408 pages
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Lost Reviews

  • Serenity

    Other Kevin is back in his world and is determined to make changes. He goes to see grandma Redbird. He tries to explain hes different, he has his humanity and a gift from redbird from the other world.

    From there they move to the location of the resistance. Grandma believes him and now he'll have to convince the resistance he's one of the good guys. In this world its dangerous and anything can happen with Neferet in charge. The resistance is wary of Kevin at first. After explaining he had been i

  • Theresa

    Kevin goes back to his world in the alternate reality where Neferet is Queen. Since he also has all five element he is his reality’s Zoey and is determined to save his world as she saved hers. But first he has to find allies, join the resistance and stop Neferet from going on a killing spree with her red army.

    I'm glad that the different POVs are clearly marked at the beginning and within each chapter. I hate having to guess who’s talking from paragraph to paragraph.

    Fave scenes: the Old Magick wa

  • Rhiannon Winner

    Well, I liked this better than Loved, I guess. I don’t really want to waste my breath on a long review. This story, like Loved, discarded most of my favorite parts of the HoN stories and amped up the absolute worst parts. I had to put the book down a few times because of how cringey it was.


  • Meghan

    Another successful House of Night book. I was so fortunate to have read all of the books in the series and this one just kept on getting better. I loved the relationships Zoey and her friends create throughout all their adventures and this one in particular ended with a strong quote from Rephiam and Stevie Rae that ALL of us should always remember and apply throughout our daily lives. I also found it very intriguing and fun to read the fan Q&As. It was a very rewarding book to read and I can ...more

  • Mindy Morehead

    As with the previous books of The House Of Night, this one does not disappoint. From page one, you’re sucked back into the world right where you were left in Loved. Get your tissues ready, there will be ugly snot crying! I wasn’t able to put this book down for one second. The other world, as different as it is, shares many similarities to Zoey’s world. One of them being Grandma Redbird, my most favorite person in any world! Familiar faces as well as new friends ( one of which totally shares qual ...more

  • Makayla Sizemore

    Awesomesauce as always!

    I love, love, love the HoN. I wish the story would just continue and never end. I've read the entire series over about 5 times now and will continue to re-read because I can't get enough! I didn't find switching between world's confusing at all. I think this book was an excellent addition and a good twist on the story. Hope to read more from the HoN! With Love, always love.

  • May

  • Sabrina

    Book two of this sequel series and I have to admit it was pretty good! I was a little nervous about reading this one especially how the previous book ended, but it turned out to be super interesting and it had some pretty neat twists. I had started this series in high school and with my obsession with vampires (and okay, that it something that is probably still going on a bit), the series was a great one to turn to. Now reading them and I'm older, though I still like the series, the only challen ...more