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The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell

From #1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling author Robert Dugoni.Sam Hill always saw the world through different eyes. Born with red pupils, he was called Devil Boy by his classmates; Gods will is what his mother called his ocular albinism. Her words were of little comfort, but Sam persevered, buoyed by his mothers devout faith, his fathers practical wisdom, and his two other misfit friends.Sam believed it was God who sent Ernie Cantwell, the only African American kid in his class, to be the friend he so desperately needed. And that it was Gods idea for Mickie Kennedy to storm into Our Lady of Mercy like a tornado, uprooting every rule Sam had been taught about boys and girls.Forty years later, Sam, a small-town eye doctor, is no longer certain anything was by designespecially not the tragedy that caused him to turn his back on his friends, his hometown, and the life hed always known. Running from the pain, eyes closed, served little purpose. Now, as he looks back on his...

Title : The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell
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ISBN : 9781503949003
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The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell Reviews

  • ♥ Sandi ❣

    3.75 stars Thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for a chance to read and review this ARC. Publication is in April 2018.

    Sam Hill was nicknamed 'Hell' for his ocular albinism, red eyes. He was 'the Devil from Hell'. He was bullied by both children and adults. His religious mother called him 'special, extraordinary'. She was always by his side, standing behind him, protecting him, advancing him. Finally when a black boy moved to town he had a friend in Eddie Cantwell. Then they both befri

  • Sharon Metcalf

    4.5 stars rounded up to 5 stars

    Robert Dugoni is fast becoming one of my favourite authors.   I have long been a fan of his Tracy Crosswhite legal thriller series but The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell was the first of his standalone titles I've tried.    Within moments of starting I was completely hooked, devouring pages as fast as possible until suddenly I realised I was nearing the end and wanted to slow down so I could stay in the presence of Sam, his family and close friends.  Spanning almos

  • Zoeytron

    The cycle of life, '...the inevitable markings that only time deliver' (speaking of aging), loss of faith, moments in life that are kept close to the heart.  The value of a true friend.  I was taken with the pure love of Sam's parents for each other and for their boy, Sam.  In their minds, those red eyes did not make Sam different, they made him extraordinary.  And so he was.  A bit saccharin for me before it was over, not my preferred flavor.  But it was well-written and a little different, and ...more

  • Kathleen

    Thank you to NetGalley, Robert Dugoni and Lake Union Publishing for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.

    THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF SAM HELL by Robert Dugoni is the story of Sam Hill, who was born in 1957 with ocular albinism which gave him red eyes. His classmates called him, "the devil boy" and "Sam Hell." His mother, who was a devout Catholic, called him,"Extraordinary" and claimed that the colour of his eyes was "God's will."


  • Brenda - Traveling Sister

    3.5 Stars

    Norma and I started off in the extraordinary inspiring lush coulee reading The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell and it started off strong for us and we both were drawn into this story right away. In the end, we ended up in separate coulees with the way we felt about this story.

    There are many extraordinary things explored in this story like a Mother’s love and belief in just how extraordinary her son is and how our main character Sam HIll overcomes the many obstacles throughout his life fr

  • Christine

    I was looking for a good change-of-pace book from my usual thrillers and crime fiction. I wanted something easy to read, but with real depth and minimal gore. My partner suggested this one. Thanks, Jean!

    The Extraordinary life of Sam Hell covers Sam’s life from age 3 to age 40 something. Sam Hill was born with ocular albinism and red eyes. What an albatross for a young boy. Sam’s mother, a devout Catholic, loves her son dearly and explains to him that his extraordinary eyes mean that he will lead

  • Karen

    And an extraordinary life it is. I loved this coming-of-age story of a boy named Sam born with red pupils. A simple and creative concept that generated a GREAT story. His character is well-developed and I so enjoyed watching him grow, along with admiring his fierce dedication to his parents and best friends. I loved Sam’s mother, a force to be reckoned with and someone to aspire to. Sam’s strict Catholic upbringing brought me back to my 60’s childhood. I chuckled with references of “God’s will” ...more

  • Ann Marie (Lit·Wit·Wine·Dine)

    You can read this and all of my reviews at Lit·Wit·Wine·Dine

    I'm beginning to learn that audiobooks either work or do not for me. There is no middle ground. I'm happy to report that The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell definitely worked!

    There are many things I loved about this book but my overwhelming response upon finishing it was Wow, this book was so refreshing! I can't recall the last time I read a book centered around a likable protagonist with an amazing and supportive family. That's not to s