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The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell

From #1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling author Robert Dugoni.Sam Hill always saw the world through different eyes. Born with red pupils, he was called Devil Boy by his classmates; Gods will is what his mother called his ocular albinism. Her words were of little comfort, but Sam persevered, buoyed by his mothers devout faith, his fathers practical wisdom, and his two other misfit friends.Sam believed it was God who sent Ernie Cantwell, the only African American kid in his class, to be the friend he so desperately needed. And that it was Gods idea for Mickie Kennedy to storm into Our Lady of Mercy like a tornado, uprooting every rule Sam had been taught about boys and girls.Forty years later, Sam, a small-town eye doctor, is no longer certain anything was by designespecially not the tragedy that caused him to turn his back on his friends, his hometown, and the life hed always known. Running from the pain, eyes closed, served little purpose. Now, as he looks back on his...

Title : The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell
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The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell Reviews

  • Judy

    Loved the story! Sam Hill is born with ocular albinism - he has red eyes. Now I've never heard of anyone with red eyes so I had to look it up and I couldn't find anything that said someone with this problem would have red eyes, so I guess it is just inventive or maybe I didn't do enough research. Anyway, having red eyes caused Sam to be bullied and teased all the time. Other kids at his Catholic elementary school in Burlingame, California, called him the "devil boy" and "Sam Hell" and played mea ...more

  • Petra

    4.5 stars rounded up. I only picked this up because of the positive reviews I'd seen. I love Robert Dugoni's police procedurals. But reading the blurb for this completely different type of story, I wasn't sure whether it'd be right for me. I generally stay clear of anything that involves more than a small amount of religion. But the manner the faith-based aspects of this were dealt with was refreshing and non-preachy so even I could cope with it, for the most part (see below).

    Sam's life story m

  • Larry H

    4.5 stars rounded up.

    Sam Hill's birth in 1957 caused quite a stir, as he was born with ocular albinism, which left him with red pupils. While his religiously devout mother viewed his eyes as evidence of the extraordinary potential his life holds. That's not the unanimous view of everyone in their community, however—his Catholic school classmates refer to him as "Devil Boy."

    Sam's mother was determined that her son live life with great gusto, and not be discouraged by those who treat him badly or

  • Ann Marie (Lit·Wit·Wine·Dine)

    You can read this and all of my reviews at Lit·Wit·Wine·Dine

    I'm beginning to learn that audiobooks either work or do not for me. There is no middle ground. I'm happy to report that The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell definitely worked!

    There are many things I loved about this book but my overwhelming response upon finishing it was Wow, this book was so refreshing! I can't recall the last time I read a book centered around a likable protagonist with an amazing and supportive family. That's not to s

  • Bianca

    I may get crucified for this review, anyway, I’ll take my chances.

    I, like many others, enjoy an underdog story. This is the story of Sam Hill, who has ocular albinism, a genetic abnormality that makes his eyes look red. It’s the early 1960s, so people are less enlightened. Sam’s mom is an ardent Catholic and she’s fierce. She would not let anyone or anything stay in the way of her son getting an education and achieving his potential. Sam’s hardships start early on, practically on the first day a

  • Liz

    I’m used to Robert Dugoni for the Tracy Crosswhite series. This book isn’t even a mystery. Instead, it’s the story of a young man growing up with a genetic abnormality, ocular albinism. It’s a heartwarming tale as Sam struggles to avoid school bullies, including the nun who is the principal at the catholic elementary school. But it’s also the story of best friends and the lengths they go to help each other out. There are some laugh out scenes that had me guffawing in the middle of an airplane.


  • Christine

    I was looking for a good change-of-pace book from my usual thrillers and crime fiction. I wanted something easy to read, but with real depth and minimal gore. My partner suggested this one. Thanks, Jean!

    The Extraordinary life of Sam Hell covers Sam’s life from age 3 to age 40 something. Sam Hill was born with ocular albinism and red eyes. What an albatross for a young boy. Sam’s mother, a devout Catholic, loves her son dearly and explains to him that his extraordinary eyes mean that he will lead

  • Emma

    ‘We realize it is in those quiet moments that each of us has the ability to make our life extraordinary.’

    This is a story about love and how to live an authentic life. It is about how a life well lived, with love, is an extraordinary thing in and of itself. It is a story of a boy becoming a man, about self regard, about friendship. The closing chapters brought a tear of two to my eye. I found this an inspiring read, with many lessons that I could learn from myself. Recommended.

    Many thanks to Netg