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The Lost Continent

For centuries there have been rumors of another continent on the dragons' planet -- another land far across the ocean, populated by tribes of dragons very different from those we know. But there's never been any evidence, and most dragons dismissed the rumors as fairy tales. Until now. Because it turns out the stories are true. And the other tribes are coming. ...

Title : The Lost Continent
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ISBN : 35965782
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 172 pages
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The Lost Continent Reviews

  • Nyalistica

    Edit: I forgot to mention I preordered this book in January, and it came to me way earlier than I expected. That’s why I finished it days before the 26th :)

    Another great book by Tui! I’ve just finished The Lost Continent, a good read but lacking I certain departments.

    Still, it’s a great start to the new set of books, and seeing a dystopian like society with a main character that isn’t against the system at the start is a breath of fresh air.

    Blue’s perspective on the Queen Wasp’s leadership cha

  • Sriya Mudumba

  • Karissa

    This is the eleventh book in the Wings of Fire series and starts a new storyline on a new continent we have never visited before. Although some of the story elements are very similar to previous books, I did really enjoy meeting new characters and exploring both whole new types of dragons and a whole new landscape. I continue to read these mainly because my son reads this series and likes to discuss it with me; however I actually really enjoyed this book!

    This book starts with a prequel featuring

  • GuineaPigFalconer

    Before I started this book, I was a little worried that the series would start to get repetitive, as some do, but I should not have worried! This book follows new characters, on a new continent, with an entirely different way of life. Some of the subtle aspects of their culture are a bit dark and Big Brother-ish, which I found quite interesting, and something I wouldn't have expected from this series. The legends surrounding Clearsight were interesting, too.

    The characters were funny, adorable,

  • Liahona Whittle

    SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT FOR BOOK 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lena

  • Laura

    AWESOME FACT: Wings of Fire book 12 is coming out at Christmas, and the graphic novel version of book 2 is coming out in February!

  • Caitlin

    I loved this one! I feel like Tui T. Sutherland did an amazing job with all of her sequels. I waited months for book 11 to come out and now I want a 12th. I started this series in 2nd grade when I was reading Harry Potter. Tui left the end at a cliffhanger so I assume she is going to make a 12th. Any who loves dystopian or fantasey books like Hunger games or Harry Potter will love this series.