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High-octane action, celebrity glamour, and endless possibilities for danger meet in this fast-paced debut for fans of John Sandford and Lee Child.Still reeling from a devastating personal tragedy, air marshal turned investigator Seth Walker embarks on his first case. All he has to do is accompany female pop star Max Magic to Los Angeles and deliver her to the FBI. But when their routine flight ends in a hail of gunfire at LAX, Walker has no choice but to take the frightened diva on the run.After a second attack leaves him battered and bloody, Walker realizes he cannot trust the FBI. To keep his client alive, he must use a patchwork of trusted aviation contacts to get her home to Austin, where the key suspects await.But as they race to stay one step ahead of their deadly pursuers, the biggest danger of all may be what theyre heading towardthe dark secrets that Max herself has been keeping...

Title : Takeoff
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ISBN : 9781543659955
Format Type : Audio CD
Number of Pages : 305 pages
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Takeoff Reviews

  • Jamie

    Not bad

    Read as an Amazon First book... Released to prime members before the public.

    I enjoyed parts of this book. I liked how the action moved logically, taking inventory of injuries after the adrenaline is wearing odd and not during a fight. The lead character is an authority figure, who manages to get confessions or admissions out of several characters. I appreciated that none of the confessions were taken at face value. This made the events seem more real. Each perspective of the events was o

  • Simon Howard

    This a far-fetched thriller in the time-worn subgenre of "damaged rogue agent defies the incompetent system to try to save the day". It has a substantial body count, James Bond-esque antics which go beyond stretching credibility (people leaping off the roofs of buildings, a gun battle in flight between a Cessna and a helicopter), and a final resolution which raises more questions than it answers. A personal favourite moment is when the protagonist shoots dead two people who come to his front doo ...more

  • William Browne

    I agree with Mark that it seems simple to say “I liked this book.” But…I agree. I particularly appreciated the concept of not using profanity for its own sake. Yes, the action is over the top (it’s a book), as is the main character’s near flawless marksmanship, but then all our action heroes are superhuman now and then. So, if you’ve read it, in which book will Mr. Reid finally reveal the back story? Probably eke out a small bit at a time, but this is an easy read which flows well from situation ...more

  • Kathryn

    This book reminded me of a Jason Bourne movie, jumping from one somewhat contrived, over-the-top action scene to another. It felt obvious from the get-go who the big bad was, which meant it didn't feel like a strong payoff at the "surprise" ending. (The main character himself even acknowledges that he should have explored that angle much sooner.) I also didn't enjoy the frequent references to traumatic past events that are never fully explained. Maybe the author was trying to set up the next boo ...more

  • Jim C

    I received this thru a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for a honest review. I would like to thank the author and the publishing company.

    In this one, Seth is an air marshal. He is assigned to bodyguard a teen pop star who has received death threats. As you can probably guess, things go awry.

    This is your basic action thriller novel and I also believe it is the author's debut novel. If you are looking for in depth characters with serious literature, this is not the book for you. This book does what

  • Sandra

    Some Turbulence But A Good Takeoff

    As a huge fan of Lee Child’s novels, I’ll admit to being pulled in by the promise that Seth Walker is on the same plane (no pun intended) as Jack Reacher. I can never pass up a good action packed thriller and author Joseph Reid delivered on the action. Problem is, likable though Seth Walker may be, he ain’t no Jack Reacher. Fighting skills aside, the protagonist’s naïveté is beyond credible for a character who is a federal air marshall, who one would assume is

  • L.G.

    4.5 stars

    Offered through Amazon's First Read program. Loved the cover, but a great start to an action series about former federal air marshal, Seth Walker. Big, tattooed, shaved head, he's a smart hero with an engineering bent who also happens to design and patent his inventions through his friend and lawyer, which nicely explains his financial situation. The series starts with him on leave (his girlfriend just died in circumstances that obviously had to do with a prior case - not fully explain

  • Scott Bell

    This one had some suspension of belief moments that required a forgiving reader (Gang bangers flying helicopters, for instance.) but it kept me reading, which is the whole point, right? The hero was (somewhat) unbelievable--a tech whiz turned air marshal with an improbable backstory and a strange brain anomaly that required constant input to remain focused. (I may have gotten that last bit wrong as I didn't fully understand the condition.)

    A good airplane (pun intended) or beach read.