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David Sedaris returns with his most deeply personal and darkly hilarious book.If you've ever laughed your way through David Sedaris's cheerfully misanthropic stories, you might think you know what you're getting with Calypso. You'd be wrong. When he buys a beach house on the Carolina coast, Sedaris envisions long, relaxing vacations spent playing board games and lounging in the sun with those he loves most. And life at the Sea Section, as he names the vacation home, is exactly as idyllic as he imagined, except for one tiny, vexing realization: it's impossible to take a vacation from yourself.With Calypso, Sedaris sets his formidable powers of observation toward middle age and mortality. Make no mistake: these stories are very, very funny--it's a book that can make you laugh 'til you snort, the way only family can. Sedaris's powers of observation have never been sharper, and his ability to shock readers into laughter unparalleled. But much of the comedy here is born out of that vertigin...

Title : Calypso
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ISBN : 35832073
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Number of Pages : 482 pages
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Calypso Reviews

  • Karen

    Ok, I must admit... I had never heard of this David Sedaris guy, but damn he is entertaining!!

    These stories, mostly about the himself and his partner Hugh, his parents and siblings ... and aging...just gave me the most laughter I’ve had in awhile! There is one about a stomach virus... I was just 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Great stuff here!

  • Esil

    I already miss David Sedaris. I finished listening to Calypso as an audiobook narrated by Sedaris yesterday, and I would have been happy to keep listening for weeks, maybe months... In a way, my love of his personal essays is bizarre. There’s a fair bit of revolting bodily content and he circles over some of the same family dynamics more than once. But, oh my! What a gift with words! And what a gift for scrutinizing himself, his family, life and the universe! Nothing seems to be beyond his inter ...more

  • da AL

    Combine all the mixed feelings you could ever have about life as well as family -- make your reader laugh, think, and cry -- and then add in the same way the suicide of a sibling -- only Sedaris can do this...

  • Mackey

    Not a full blown review, simply sharing that I adored this book. I don't normally read "compilations" or even straight up humor books but this one caught my attention and kept it until the end. I read it in a matter hours and spent the majority of that time LMAO!

    All the stars for David Sedaris and his far too funny writing!

  • Tammy

    Personal and tender, yet hilarious.. for me a perfect first book from Sedaris!

    These stories are outstanding.. just so darn relatable and the honesty he spills out onto his work is deeply touching. This is an amazing book I highly recommend. ❤ 5 ☆

  • Debbie

    5 cha cha cha stars!

    Others already knew that Sedaris would take care of us. I’m new to the game. Long ago, I tried reading one of his collections and quickly ditched it. Huh, this guy is funny? Not to me. I figured we did not match—his jokes, my sensibilities, no go. Everyone has a different funny bone.

    Well, I’m here to tell you, all my thoughts about different sensibilities and different funny bones are bull. Because damn if I’m not on my pogo stick again! I haven’t had so many laughs since Nor

  • j e w e l s [Books Bejeweled]


    It's really difficult to write humor, and nobody does it better than David Sedaris! I find him absolutely hilarious, but I know he is not everyone's cup of tea. (WHY NOT??)

    Sedaris is in rare form with CALYPSO. Calypso, by the way, is the name his neighbors gave to his cat when the kitty is off living his completely hidden life. David Sedaris was not amused when he found out that name.

    Sedaris makes every story funny, no matter how inappropriate the subject is. You will find yourself lau

  • Jenny

    David Sedaris does it again with Calypso. It’s funny, intelligent and brilliant. He’s honest with his feelings and not afraid to share the good, bad and ugly. His observations are candid, weird, perverse and humorous but honest which makes his books worth the read.