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The Other Side of Lost

Girl Online meets Wild in this emotionally charged story of girl who takes to the wilderness to rediscover herself and escape the superficial persona she created on social media.Mari Turners life is perfect. That is, at least to her thousands of followers who have helped her become an internet starlet. But when she breaks down and posts a video confessing shes been living a liethat she isnt the happy, in-love, inspirational online personality shes been trying so hard to portrayit goes viral and she receives major backlash. To get away from it all, she makes an impulsive decision: to hike the entire John Muir trail. Mari and her late cousin, Bri, were supposed to do it together, to celebrate their shared eighteenth birthday. But that was before Mari got so wrapped up in her online world that she shut anyone out who questioned its worthlike Bri.With Bris boots and trail diary, a heart full of regret, and a group of strangers that she meets along the way, Mari tries to navigate the diffic...

Title : The Other Side of Lost
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ISBN : 9780062424266
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The Other Side of Lost Reviews

  • Erin

    I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.

    I don't have much to say about this one. I thought the author did a good job with the writing and describing the hiking scenes. Overall, it was a nice story even though I felt it was a bit predictable.

  • Pam (YA Escape)

    I liked this book. The plot, the setting, the group of people Mari ends up hiking with. But the ending felt rushed and incomplete to me and the romance was underdeveloped, although it wasn't supposed to be a big part of the story, so that's probably why.

  • Jen Ryland

    Stopped reading as I could see that this one was just not going to work for me. (Aside: I am a huge fan of the author, and will absolutely try her next book.)

    The Other Side of Lost is about a teen Instagram star, who, after the sudden death of her cousin, decides to take her cousin's place on a marathon hike on the John Muir trail.

    Okay, my first problem was that this is a LOT like Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Like much too similar. I was always comparing the two in my head and this was ending up as a

  • Stacee

    I’m definitely a fan of Jessi Kirby and her words, so I’m always in for a new book and I don’t care what it’s about.

    I loved Mari so much. It was easy to relate to her obsession with social media and how she struggled with what she was showing. Her inner monologue is uncertain and insecure and felt so authentic. There are a few other characters here, but this is all about Mari.

    Plot wise it was a little slow and maybe a small bit monotonous, but it completely worked. I loved the tiny surprises a

  • Melissa

    This book. OH THIS BOOK. I feel like Jessi Kirby is such a phemonenal writer of YA contemporary, but her books don't seem to garner as much buzz as some other popular YA authors, like Morgan Matson or Katie Cotugno. So instead, I feel like I need to climb up on top of a soapbox and yell for all the world to hear: IF YOU HAVEN'T READ A JESSI KIRBY BOOK, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?

    This book. OH THIS BOOK. I had started 9 Days & 9 Nights because its publication date was earlier, but

  • Ania

    This was my kind of a book. If I were to place an order, that is exactly what I would get delivered.

    I don't think it will sweep everyone off their feet, I can totally see how it may seem a bit pretentious and kind of naive. But it touches on many topics I often ponder - connecting to nature and finding yourself outside of the daily routine and loosing touch with people.

    So I am going to give it 4.5*, rounding up to 5* as it will be one of my favourite reads this year.

  • Marjolein

    It has been a long time ago that I have gotten so emotional over a book. I don't know if that is because Kirby just deals with the (pretty heavy) subjects of loss and grief so well, or because it brings out some grief in myself about the hikes I wish I could still make but can't do anymore. I don't think it matters. I finished this book in one go, hardly able to put it down, because I was drawn in by Mari and her story and mission, because I was fascinated by the landscapes she encountered and t ...more

  • Meghan Hughes

    I love my YA novels, but I had never read anything from Kirby till now. I absolutely adored this story, its characters, its utter relevance to our technology-addicted world, & our relationship to it... It was all just what I needed. In October, I took my first "social media break" which might sound silly, but is so needed these days. With the job I have online & my addiction to my phone I never like to admit I have.. I needed that! In this story, Mari needed that too. I found myself crin ...more