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A collection of four all-new strange stories from the sleepy town of Gravity Falls in one original graphic novel. Written by Alex Hirsch. As told by Shmebulock.Illustrated by Asaf Hanuka, Dana Terrace, Ian Worrel, Jacob Chabot, Jim Campbell, Joe Pitt, Kyle Smeallie, Meredith Gran, Mike Holmes, Priscilla Tang, Serina Hernandez, Stephanie Ramirez, and Valerie Halla. ...

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ISBN : 9781368009003
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 144 pages
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  • Jim

    This was a fun way to revisit the series.

    My son has been waiting for this since we preordered it at Christmas, and I think it was worth the wait.

    There’s some pretty funny stuff going on here - I laughed several times. Of course, my son was so excited for me to read this (he had already read it twice, even though he had only gotten it a couple days earlier) that he was hanging on my every emotion. But I liked seeing him so excited about something.

    And some of it is so meta.

    If you’re a fan of t

  • Scott Waldie

    Another case of an animation creative and artists successfully translating both the artwork and story tone of the show into the comic medium. I'm not lying when I say that the stories contained in here are well worthy of Gravity Falls, probably more than some of the episodes themselves, abundant in fun pop culture references, and they are all intertwined with a 'narrator' gnome. Essential if you dig the show, and since I Just got the Blu Ray set for the show, a nice appetizer for my re-viewing.

  • Ric

    Don’t judge, but I really love Gravity Falls, and revisiting the universe through four different stories was a lot of fun. All of them were awesome, and I especially liked the Soos story because of how meta it was. This was really entertaining, and it really makes me miss watching Gravity Falls on tv.

  • Sarah

    What do we want? More Gravity Falls! When do we want it! NOW!

    And, indeed, we get it in this collection of four new stories from that weirdest of weird places. Any fan of the show wishes there were more seasons. (And will there be? Maybe... that end was a little ambiguous. *crosses fingers*) But, until (and if) that ever happens, these tales were a great way to go on more adventures with the Pines family. The stories were funny with just the right amount of mystery and creepiness, all held toget

  • James Perkins

    Certainly not required reading, but an enjoyable addition to the series, written by its creator! Worth it if just for the Mabel chapter which addesses a common complaint against her character. It’s also visually inventive, with a hilarious framing device that does a great job poking fun at the fans.

  • Blair

    A fast, fun read for fans of the show. Stays true to the tone of the episodes, but it's no substitute for a new season.

  • Emily

    4.5/5 stars

    More Gravity Falls. MORE GRAVITY FALLS. It is IMPOSSIBLE for there to be too much Gravity Falls. And THIS was Gravity Falls. As in it FELT like Gravity Falls, like everything that I love about Gravity Falls, that flair, that humor, those dang lovable hilarious characters. This graphic novel (NOT COMIC HAHA GET IT) was really so fun and aaaah I loved it a lot. :)

  • Jordan Finch

    Gosh, I miss Gravity Falls so much. Luckily, Lost Legends is so perfect that I could pretend I was back in that crazy town for a while, running around with Dipper and Mabel and the rest of the crazy Pines crew.

    The funniest thing about these stories are that they're told by Shmebulock. Turns out the weird little gnome is under a Pokemon-esque curse, but he's chosen to use his one night free of the curse to share these lost stories. He also shares some theories, some ships, and a desperate desire