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Engineering for Cats: Improve the Life of Your Pet Through 10 Ingenious Projects

There may be 100 million pet cats in this country, but who says that means theyre domesticated? Sure, they clean themselves, use a litter box, and hunt rodents, but cats are also territorial beasts who think furniture is meant for claw sharpening, and that running water is always better than still. In this inventive, surprisingly funny, and highly entertaining and practical book, Mac Delaney addresses the quirks of cat behavior through the mindset of an aerospace engineer (because thats what he is!)and gives us 10 projects that solve the most common sources of friction affecting cats and their doting owners. Take that preference for running water. Because cats dont trust still water (in the wild, a stagnant pool can harbor disease), theyre often dehydrated and cranky. Heres how to build not one but two different fountains that will provide fresh, moving water. Or another problem: Cats, diminutive in stature, can feel inferior around humans, causing them to act out in negative ways. T...

Title : Engineering for Cats: Improve the Life of Your Pet Through 10 Ingenious Projects
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ISBN : 9780761189909
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 224 pages
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Engineering for Cats: Improve the Life of Your Pet Through 10 Ingenious Projects Reviews

  • JustHB

    An entertaining book for the DIY enthusiastic cat owner. Some really great ideas.

    Personally, I would prefer a photo at the end of a real cat using the item - all of the pictures are computer animated. I would also like to see a cat tree and a better selection of cat shelfs. Maybe integrated cat tree and shelf options. Otherwise, it is a little bit boring.

    And there is no way any self-respecting cat would ever use the exercise wheel at the end. Seriously - what were you thinking.

  • Elizabeth Amber Love

    Provided by NetGalley:

    The introduction for Engineering for Cats by Mac Delaney (no relation) is as clever and charming as you can imagine. A project engineer engaged by the project manager in how to build a better mousetrap leads them to determine that all they've "invented" is the cat. Since they can't reinvent cats, they decide the thing to do is build projects that make cats happier during their cohabitation with humans.

    "The projects in this book can help resolve behavioral issues and make yo

  • Marzie

    Engineering for Cats is a serious book offering designs for cat-friendly surfaces, fountains, and nooks. Many of the designs require carpentry or shop experience, and in particular require tools (e.g.circular saw, jigsaw), that the average apartment dweller may not have, unless they have access to a machine shop. That said, many of the designs are simple, practical and better made versions of those one can see on a variety of cat accessory websites. Delaney offers clear instructions on how to su ...more

  • Kristine

    Engineering for Cats by Mac Delaney is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late July.

    Witty causal, instruction manual narration with a lot of the same pegcat motif from the cover art in collage and diagram form. The voice within the instruction offers true engineering speak and 3D renderings with ideas as basic as a shelf, fountains, beds, cat door, and scratching post. Sometimes, it can be a step per page, which can be cohesive and understanding in the moment (i.e. standing next to a band saw

  • Claire

    Engineering for Cats and I quote 'Is not a book teaching cats how to be engineers'. It's a quirky book about projects to make ' to improve the life of your cat'. From the start of the book reading the prologue, the writing style is going to be witty.

    It explains how to go about constructing the projects in great detail, so a novice at DIY has some idea of what the projects should entail.

    The first projecting the book is a shelf. It tells you how easy it is, the cost and time to build. Then inclu