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Title : The Divided Earth
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ISBN : 35226230
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 272 pages
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The Divided Earth Reviews

  • Sharon Tyler

    The Divided Earth is the third (and final) book in The Nameless City series by Faith Eric Hicks. It is currently schedule for release on September 25 2018. The book begins where the second book in the trilogy, The Stone Heart, left off. Readers do need to read this series in order to understand and enjoy the story fully.

    Kai and Rat might need to sacrifice everything for peace. The city is under new rule, and if they cannot stop the tragic events that are in motion the cycle of war, death, and vi

  • Siina

    I really enjoy Hicks' The Nameless City series and The Divided Earth was a wonderful continuation to the story. The best part is the political aspect of it and the fact that there are no bad guys, just people with different views and reasons. In this third part our heroes end up in the middle of shenanigans and basically no one trusts no one. Everyone is after the book that contains the formula for powerful weaponry, gun powder I take it. The Nameless City is under the Dao rule and those people ...more

  • Becky B

    The City is once again the crossroads of impending conflict. Erzi has his right hand woman preparing the ancient secret napatha they recovered from the hidden book of the founders of the City. Erzi doesn’t trust anyone with it but the two of them, and he’s none too stable since the coup. Meanwhile Kaidu’s father (the Dao general) and Joah the monk are trying to contact the Yisun army outside the city before the attack to see if a more peaceful solution can be found. They run into another unexpec ...more

  • Molly

    The third volume in The Nameless City trilogy does not disappoint. Finally, Rat and Kaidu are allowed to witness a peaceful resolution between the city's conquered and its conquerors - something that rarely happens in reality, so it's very nice to see it in fiction. Faith Erin Hicks' art, as always, is sharp and delightful.

    I received access to this title via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • David Schaafsma

    The Divided Earth concludes The Nameless City Trilogy, preceded by The Nameless City and The Stone Heart. It’s Hicks’ most ambitious and accomplished work so far, a comics meditation on violence in society and the role young people might play in shaping that process. The story is a fantasy adventure with political implications focusing on the partnership of two young people, Kai and Rat, who come from different factions in the area of Daidu, or what most people in the area call The Nameless City ...more

  • Dan

    More thoughts to come

  • Veronica

  • Book Nerd Shenanigans

    I enjoyed the premise of this series but it left me wanting. It was hard to get through honestly. The art work was cute and interesting though. Given the limited space a graphic novel provides there were elements of the story that seemed to be missing. Characters were mildly fleshed out and overall they seemed two-dimensional. There was not enough to really connect to them and their troubles. The world building could be fantastic with more space to tell the story. On the other hand, the action s ...more