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Room to Dream

In this memoir, David Lynch - co-creator of Twin Peaks and writer and director of groundbreaking films like Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive - opens up about a lifetime of extraordinary creativity, the friendships he has made along the way and the struggles he has faced - sometimes successful, sometimes not - to bring his projects to fruition.Part-memoir, part-biography, Room to Dream interweaves Lynch's own reflections on his life with the story of those times, as told by Kristine McKenna, drawing from extensive and explosive interviews with ninety of Lynch's friends, family members, actors, agents, musicians and collaborators. Lynch responds to each recollection and reveals the inner story of the life behind the art....

Title : Room to Dream
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ISBN : 9781782118381
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Room to Dream Reviews

  • Daniel

    Absolutely a must read for Lynch fans. Totally absorbing. That said, it’s kind of hard to imagine anyone without a lot of admiration for and knowledge of Lynch loving this. For everyone else, an incredible read.

    Truly an original American voice which, for all kinds of reasons (discussed here in oblique and not so oblique terms) seems harder and harder to come by. Lots of insights but no definitive answers; this is a David Lynch (semi) autobiography after all.

  • Sheila Garry

    I’m always looking for ways to inspire my creativity. This book opened my eyes to a master of creativity, the filmmaker David Lynch. Born in 1946 and currently living in California, David continues to write, paint, produce movies, make furniture and much more.

    Room To Dream is an unusual book in that one chapter is written by his collaborator, Kristine McKenna, in which she pulls together facts and quotes and stories about David. The next chapter is David recalling all those same episodes, but o

  • Lee Monks

    It's a hagiography, but surely you need no convincing. Despite the often gushing biography narrative, there are some doozy anecdotes. Marlon Brando drives round hungry but there's only a tomato and a banana in the fridge: not to worry, Marlon tucks in. (Bit of salt on the tomato, sorted.) There's something called a 'Chair Pull', the description of which is unmissable. He kisses Elizabeth Taylor but doesn't want to marry her. He collects dental implements.

    Plenty of great stuff on the films, with

  • Spencer

    I adore David Lynch; he is without doubt my favourite film maker and probably my biggest idol so it’s not surprising that I loved this book. David comes across as charming, unusual and creative and this is conveyed in the book really well and you get some wonderful insight in to his unique mind.

    I liked the style of the book as well, Kristine McKenna produced a biography based on interviews with over 100 people and after each section David adds to this and expands the facts further with a persona

  • Robin Bonne

    After reading this, I still don’t know how he made the baby from Eraserhead.

    Seriously though, any of the real questions I had were left unanswered. The criticisms about gender within Lynch’s movies were never addressed, though the treatment of his wives was quite telling in a parallel way.

    This wasn’t an inspiring memoir/biography for me, and the memories that were shared were less than interesting.

  • Richard Gray

    3.5 leaning towards 4 maybe?

    If you're expecting to find out how the baby was made in Eraserhead or the nature of the rift between him and Michael J. Anderson, you should look elsewhere.

    "This book is a chronicle of things that happened," the authors explain in the introduction, "not an explanation of what those things means." They put it more succinctly elsewhere: it's "a person having a conversation with his own biography." Both of these things seem like an intriguing prospect individually, and

  • Seroxx83

    I’ve been a big fan of David lynch since forever, seen his movies and twin peaks multiple times! There’s just so many layers in his work, and the mood you get when watching is something else!

    So when this book came out, I just needed it! David is truly one of a kind,and getting the honor to learn a bit more about him and his journey was truly amazing!! ❤

  • Ana

    “Nobody is neutral on the subject of Lynch.”

    Truer words have never been written!

    Do you ever watch INLAND EMPIRE two or three times in a row and feel like you don’t understand the world anymore? Yeah, me neither… Then, reading this book, you’ll come across Noriko Miyakawa’s words - “The parts of the film you don’t understand point to places in yourself that need examining” - and feel you need to do some more soul searching, because nowhere in here is this bad boy explained. Simply that “it’s