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A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership

Former FBI Director James Comey shares his never-before-told experiences from some of the highest-stakes situations of his career in the past two decades of American government, exploring what good, ethical leadership looks like, and how it drives sound decisions. His journey provides an unprecedented entry into the corridors of power, and a remarkable lesson in what makes an effective leader.Mr. Comey served as Director of the FBI from 2013 to 2017, appointed to the post by President Barack Obama. He previously served as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, and the U.S. deputy attorney general in the administration of President George W. Bush. From prosecuting the Mafia and Martha Stewart to helping change the Bush administration's policies on torture and electronic surveillance, overseeing the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation as well as ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, Comey has been involved in some of the most consequential cases and policies of recen...

Title : A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership
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ISBN : 9781250192455
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 290 pages
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A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership Reviews

  • Elyse

    Audiobook... read by James Comey

    Because I listened to James Comey talk about this book on network TV, - mostly the political aspects- the night before it’s release date- I thought I had a good idea of what to expect. Plus... I had already respected this man - and believed what he said that night.

    Yet, this book surpassed my expectations- and then some. I had no idea it would also be so personal.

    Paul and I were completely floored- frightened- mouths dropped opened- ( as unbelievable) when Comey

  • Will Byrnes

    All bullies are largely the same. They threaten the weak to feed some insecurity that rages inside them. I know. I’ve seen it up close.
    James Comey is a lawyer, and in A Higher Loyalty he has presented a case to the jury of American public opinion. He lays out the steps of his interactions with Swamp Thing, from introduction to long-distance buh-bye. This is what happened, here, here, and there, on this, this, and that dates. This is what was said. This is what I understood those words to mean ...more

  • Malia

    As anticipated, this is a difficult book to review. In fact, I was in two minds about even reading it, though I am not unhappy that I did. On the one hand, I do feel I know Comey better and that he is, in many ways, a good, stand-up sort of guy (which he reiterates in every conceivable way throughout the book, mind you). He has had his struggles and personal tragedies, and I do think he gives himself a far more human face with this book, when before I knew so little about this man beyond his que ...more

  • Nicki

    Goodreads is crap. How can folks review or rate a book that hasn't even been released yet? Since we are rating a book we haven't read yet, I'll give it 5 stars just because it may cause trump to have a stroke.

  • Laura

    Five wonderful stars. I knew after watching Comey's congressional testimony that if he ever wrote a book, I would be interested in reading it. However, I was unprepared for what turned out to be an inspirational page turner.

    I was lucky enough to obtain the book and cd book from the library on Saturday because I had got on the hold list for this some time ago. I wasn't sure the timing for this would be right, so I thought I would do a quick flick-through and in all likelihood table it for a more

  • Matt

    I assert my right to call this a #realreview

    With three interrelated books about the current POTUS sitting on my TBR shelf, I chose to read and review them back to back, looking for insight into the man and some of his more recent activities. Admittedly, they do not constitute a formal biographical image of Donald Trump, but do they ever paint an interesting picture to allow me to create my own biographical narrative! Calling these non-fiction pieces the ‘Trump Trifecta’, they have served me well

  • Darwin8u

    I'll review later. I can't help liking Comey, but I also liked (the person) Neville Chamberlain. Both men allowed virtue to become a vice, however, and ended up as slightly absurd Greek characters in the tragedies of their day.

  • Faith

    Let me start by saying that I hate James Comey for reopening the Clinton email investigation a week before the election, no matter what his explanation is. I believe that played a role in the victory of Trump and the related destruction of America. That being said, I found this book to be an interesting glimpse into the interaction of various parts of government. Further, I believe that Comey, on his worst day, has more integrity than Trump, his cabinet, his family and everyone he has appointed ...more