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America for Beginners

Pival Sengupta has done something she never expected: she has booked a trip with the First Class India USA Destination Vacation Tour Company. But unlike other upper-class Indians on a foreign holiday, the recently widowed Pival is not interested in sightseeing. She is traveling thousands of miles from Kolkota to New York on a cross-country journey to California, where she hopes to uncover the truth about her beloved son, Rahi. A year ago Rahi devastated his very traditional parents when he told them he was gay. Then, Pivals husband, Ram, told her that their son had died suddenlyheartbreaking news she still refuses to accept. Now, with Ram gone, she is going to America to find Rahi, alive and whole or dead and gone, and come to terms with her own life.Arriving in New York, the tour proves to be more complicated than anticipated. Planned by the companys indefatigable owner, Ronnie Munshia hard-working immigrant and entrepreneur hungry for his own taste of the American dreamit is a work o...

Title : America for Beginners
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America for Beginners Reviews

  • Vivek Tejuja

    Now, I have read a lot of books about immigrants and their lifestyles and what happens when you move countries or come to America, as they say. But this is not a story of an immigrant. In fact, it is just a story of a mother who has to come to terms with her son’s sexual preference and lifestyle, after his death. This struck a chord. It hit home and stayed there for a while. I was constantly thinking of my mother and what was she going through when I came out to her and could relate her thoughts ...more

  • Neelam Babul

    An extraordinary story about a recently widowed woman, Pival Sengupta who was shadowed by the decisions of her husband forcing her to lose herself bit by bit.

    After his death she decides to travel to America not letting anyone know that the real intent is to trace her son Rahi who was estranged from her after an argument.

    During her tour we meet other characters like Satya, Rebecca, Ronnie and Jack who all have their distinct stories and challenges.

    The story is an intriguing combination of self

  • Marissa

    Goodreads Advance Reader's Edition

    A widow travels to America to find closure after her husband dies. She comes to America to find her son who died months before. She hires a tour guide and a companion to buy time as a ruse.

    It is more than a journey as it weaves the interactions of different cultures and even what we perceive as the same cultures has their own biases and beliefs

  • Jill

    This is a story of a journey of self-discovery for three people thrown together on a trip across the country. In a way they are all newcomers to America. Pival Sengupta, newly widowed at age 60, is from Kolkata, India. Her young American guide, Satya Roy, was originally from Bangladesh but he is pretending to be from India. Rebecca Eliot, hired as a companion for Pival, is from America but has barely traveled at anywhere. All three of them are looking for a positive change in their lives, which ...more

  • Betty

    If you enjoyed Fatima Farheen Mirza’s A PLACE FOR US, I highly recommend AMERICA FOR BEGINNERS.

    Three misfits set out on a journey across America, a journey of evolution, and are changed forever.

    Pival Sengupta, a newly widowed Indian woman, has booked a trip to America. Her servants are outraged! A woman just does not do this alone. But Pival is not going to see the sights of America. Instead, she is hoping to find her son whom her husband has told her is dead. After moving to America, Rahi revea

  • Rachel Brown

    Oh, how I absolutely loved America for Beginners! It goes to the top of my favorites list for books published in 2018 (and, for that matter, of all time). The writing is exquisite; I simultaneously wanted to devour the text in one sitting and yet absorb it slowly by rereading passages several times to really soak in the beautiful language (the latter of which I did do a few times). I loved the strong plot, the great character development, the overarching messages about love and life, all of it. ...more

  • Celia

    America for Beginners is the first novel written by Leah Franqui. It has many fine points, but also some disappointments along the way. The book is billed as a travel story where Pival Sangupta, recently widowed, is visiting America from India to find her estranged son. Before we get to traveling, however, the reader has to endure 110 pages of backstory on the many characters who would contribute to this journey. I kept saying ‘enough’, let’s get to the traveling. I did enjoy the tour and how th ...more

  • Heather

    Amazing book - I didn't want to put it down! This book demonstrates the cultural differences between countries (in this case India and the USA) and how accepting that every individual has their own views. Pival, an Indian widow, sets out on a trip to the USA to find the truth of her son, Rahi/Bhim, who had left years before for the States and who was cut off from his family for coming out to his father. At the same time, Rebecca, an American who is hired to be a companion for Pival, is classhing ...more