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The Dutch Wife

Amsterdam, May 1943. As the tulips bloom and the Nazis tighten their grip across the city, the last signs of Dutch resistance are being swept away. Marijke de Graaf and her husband are arrested and deported to different concentration camps in Germany. Marijke is given a terrible choice: to suffer a slow death in the labour camp orfor a chance at survivalto join the camp brothel.On the other side of the barbed wire, SS officer Karl Mller arrives at the camp hoping to live up to his fathers expectations of wartime glory. But faced with a brutal routine of overseeing executions and punishments, he longs for an escape. When he encounters the newly arrived Marijke, this meeting changes their lives forever.Woven into the narrative across space and time is Luciano Wagners ordeal in 1977 Buenos Aires, during the heat of the Argentine Dirty War. In his struggle to endure military captivity, he searches for ways to resist from a prison cell he may never leave. From the Netherlands to Germany to ...

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The Dutch Wife Reviews

  • Mellie Antoinete

    **#earc thanks to #netgalley in exchange for a fair review.**

    I had to really think about how to review this. I had an awful time reading it. Mariejke & Theo are a Dutch couple helping shelter undesirables during the high heat of WWII until they are caught and sent to different concentration camps - she to Ravensbruck, he to a satellite camp of Buchenwald as political prisoners. She soon volunteers for the new brothel installed at Buchenwald in the hopes of finding her husband.

    Enter snaky Ka

  • Kim

    If I would have started earlier I would have read this cover to cover. It was excellent.

    This was one of the best fiction books I’ve read on what happens to people who are captured and put in concentration camps. From the view of a married couple, the wife who decides to join the brothel rather than do hard labour and not knowing if her husband is dead or alive.

    As she ties to stay loyal one of the SS officers falls in love with her but hides it because she is beneath him.

    Marg - this one is for y

  • Ashley Nicholson

    The Dutch Wife is a fantastic new novel from Ellen Keith. This (mostly) WWII novel is fresh, beautifully written and ambitious. Keith is able to weave the stories of three different people, Marijke a Dutch prisoner jailed in Buchenwald, Karl a German SS officer stationed at Buchenwald and a young student, Luciano in Argentina during the Dirty War of 1977, connecting their journeys of survival. She creates strong, empathetic characters that stay with you after the book is done. Keith raises impor ...more

  • Eden Church | The Required Reading List

    *update June 18, 2018– I’ve heard talk that this book is being marketed in the US as a romance. (I’m Canadian and so is the author) This book is not a romance; it’s historical fiction. There is no hero here, nor is there anything romantic. This is a story about one of the most horrific events in history* An intense meditation on the nature of hatred, prejudice and oppression, Ellen Keith's The Dutch Wife is as beautiful as it is heavy. Told in alternating viewpoints of a woman trapped in Buchenw ...more

  • Lollita

    This was really good, and it was not what I expected. There was nothing romantic or happy about this book, not a heart felt war time romance if that's what you're looking for.

  • Julia Booktree Lady

    4.5/5 Stars

    The Dutch Wife by Ellen Keith is a rotating POV novel that features 3 main characters throughout World War II. The first is the Dutch Wife herself, Marijke. She is loosely involved in the resistance in Amsterdam until she is captured by the Nazis and sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp, and later moved to Buchenwald. The second is the newly-appointed deputy commander of Buchenwald, Karl Muller. And the third is Luciano Wagner, a young Argentinian student in the Argentinian Dirty Wa

  • Val

    This book isn't just about Nazi labor camps, but also about “the Disappeared” in Argentina’s state-sponsored terrorism of the 1970s ... tied together with an unexpected link.

    When Dutch resistance fighters Marijke de Graaf and her husband, Theo, are arrested and sent to different concentration camps in Nazi Germany, Marijke is given a terrible choice: to suffer a slow death in the labor camp or—for a chance at survival—to join a camp brothel. She chooses the brothel and is transferred to Buchenw

  • Seonaid