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The Poisoned City: Flint's Water and the American Urban Tragedy

The first full account of the Flint, Michigan, water scandal, an American tragedy, with new details, from Anna Clark, the award-winning Michigan journalist who has covered the story from its beginningsWhen the people of Flint, Michigan, turned on their faucets in April 2014, the water pouring out was poisoned with lead and other toxins. Through a series of disastrous decisions, the state government had switched the citys water to a source that corroded Flints aging lead pipes. Complaints about the foul-smelling water were dismissed: the residents of Flinta largely poor African American city of about 100,000 peoplewere not seen as credible, even in matters of their own lives.It took 18 months of activism and a band of dogged outsiders to force the state to admit that the water was poisonous. But this was only after 12 people died and Flint's children suffered irreparable harm. The long battle for accountability and a humane response to this man-made disaster have only just begun.In the ...

Title : The Poisoned City: Flint's Water and the American Urban Tragedy
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ISBN : 9781250125149
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The Poisoned City: Flint's Water and the American Urban Tragedy Reviews

  • Jennifer

    An exceptional book that gives a detailed account of the Flint water crisis. A great deal of research and historical background information provide the backdrop for the tragedy that inflicted this city through the poisoning of their water. The resilience of the people of Flint always shines through.

    I borrowed a copy of this book from the library, but will be purchasing one for myself because it is that good, that powerful, and that important.

    I have made numerous trips to Flint in the midst of a

  • Anna (never_withouta_book)

    So, a quick recap of what I got from this book. A city manager decided to cut cost on water by changing the water sources. As a result of this douchbag’s decision, Flint residents were exposed to lead in their water system for months. Lead poisoning does permanent damage!!!(like….wtf!!!!)

    I’m not done, then residents were lied to by multiple politicians, from city managers, agencies reporting to Governor Rick Snyder, and Gov. Snyder himself. The people of Flint repeatedly expressed concerns about

  • Dan

    An important and informative work about the Flint water crisis of 2016. Well written with a story-telling style that is not usually seen in micro-history books. The writing is so solid that the meandering arc of the book and the tangential stories and histories about Flint were truly welcome and interesting.

    There are no mastermind villains, in the classic sense, of this well publicized environmental tragedy: a story of death and illness from lead poisoning and legionaries disease that nearly wen

  • Kelly

    A well written, organized, and researched account of the water crisis in Flint. Clark does an excellent job providing the reader with an understanding of the situation that is all-encompassing of the contemporary and historically rooted issues that culminated into the many problems of Flint's water crisis. She provides historical background on all of these elements - from contributing factors such as the presence of lead in our society and racism in Flint's history, to the history of activism an ...more

  • Jennifer

    This was a heartbreaking, infuriating read, and yet I'm glad I did. An in-depth, long-term account of Flint's water crisis, it's also a meditation on the ways that city infrastructures everywhere are suffering from neglect and endangering the most vulnerable. When pundits talk of institutionalized racism, situations like Flint's are what they mean: redlined communities, dangerous infrastructure failures, and a society that doesn't listen when locals complain of those hazards, while eventually re ...more

  • Karen Nelson

    Anna Clark's "A Poisoned City" is such a well researched and damning account of the Flint, Michigan water crisis, reveals who is responsible, and what led to it. It truly is a sickening account of how poor decisions by “leadership” and greed can come together and affect children and families for something so basic as water. I have been following this crisis since Rachel Maddow brought it to our collective attention, and must say this book was hard to read at times. Not that it isn’t eloquently e ...more

  • Xe Sands

    Everyone - EVERYONE - should read this.

  • Nicole Means

    Anna Clark touches on so many issues- urbanization, industrialization, segregation, and the geography of poverty to name a few.

    Water is a basic necessity and no one should be denied access. An interesting comment that was made was that the people of Flint and the rest of America could not get over this happening on American soil— unclean water only happens in Third World countries. The mentality pervades that it is ok if people in other parts of the world don’t have clean water— it’s almost expe