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The Family Next Door

A gripping domestic page-turner full of shocking reveals, perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty, Amanda Prowse and Kerry Fisher. The small suburb of Pleasant Court lives up to its name. It's the kind of place where everyone knows their neighbours, and children play in the street.Isabelle Heatherington doesn't fit into this picture of family paradise. Husbandless and childless, she soon catches the attention of three Pleasant Court mothers. But Ange, Fran and Essie have their own secrets to hide. Like the reason behind Ange's compulsion to control every aspect of her life. Or why Fran won't let her sweet, gentle husband near her new baby. Or why, three years ago, Essie took her daughter to the park - and returned home without her.As their obsession with their new neighbour grows, the secrets of these three women begin to spread - and they'll soon find out that when you look at something too closely, you see things you never wanted to see....

Title : The Family Next Door
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ISBN : 9781250120892
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 335 pages
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The Family Next Door Reviews

  • Debra

    Pleasant Court in Melbourne Australia seems like a pleasant place to live...or is it.? This is another book that asks the question "Just how well do you know someone?" You live with a person, share their bed, share meals with them, raise children with them, you know them right??? Well, do you?

    Ahhhhhh, small towns. Lovely scenic places. They are supposed to be safe. Nothing bad ever happens there. How can it? Bad things don't happen when things are so pleasant do they? What a joy to live in a com

  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews


    4.5 stars

    The Family Next Door, has been one of my anticipated reads of 2018, which is written by an author who sits firmly on my favourites list. Sally Hepworth’s latest novel blows apart a seemingly perfect little neighbourhood based in suburbs of Melbourne, exposing a set of families marred by secrets, lies and betrayals. It is a very contemporary look at how our lives may appear to look pleasant on the surface but behind this pristine front often we are b

  • Elyse

    This story centers around a neighborhood- “Pleasant Court” - of primarily married couples with children. It’s a family friendly community.

    Ange & Lucas - Essi & Ben - and Fran & Nigel each have two kids.

    Barbara is a single woman who lives next door to Essi — Barbara is Essi’s mother...and a hand’s on grandmother.

    The only single women mentioned in this community (or of significant interest) is newcomer, Isabelle. She lives next door to Essi ( we assume the opposite side from her mot

  • Esil

    3+ stars

    Very readable but likely not particularly memorable.

    The Family Next Door focuses on three neighbours on a suburban street in Melbourne, Australia. Each woman is in the relatively early years of parenting, each is struggling with being a mother and wife, and each one has a secret. One day, Isabelle moves in next door and slowly the the facades are unraveled. It’s not quite a domestic thriller, but it certainly has twists and turns and the odd bit of suspense.

    It was an easy read and it ke

  • [p]aulie

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  • Shannon

    I started reading The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth last night and finished it today. It was a quick and easy read for me. The story is told in multiple POVs, which is always a win!

    So what’s it about? The story centers around four neighbors of Pleasant Court in Melbourne. Essie, Fran and Ange have all lived on the cul de sac for quite some time, growing their families. The three of them have been neighborly enough but never really crossing the line of having real friendships. A new neighbor

  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader

    4 entertaining, dramatic, neighborly stars to The Family Next Door!🏠 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

    I’ve learned I can rely on Sally Hepworth for a well-written, entertainingly indulgent read. Some of my friends have mentioned that The Family Next Door has a Desperate Housewives feel, and it most definitely does. That angle makes it a little dramatic at times, and some of the things that happened were a bit of a stretch; however, there is an emotionality to Hepworth’s writing that I find exceptionally endearing. You h

  • Sally Hepworth

    Dear Reader,

    As someone with an unhealthy interest in other people’s lives, I’ve long held the belief that the most normal-looking among us are the ones with the most to hide. Who hasn’t watched the news and seen the neighbours of a serial killer talking about how he was a quiet, friendly who always mowed his lawn and took his bins out on time?

    I wrote this book while I was pregnant, and edited it with a newborn at my side, so naturally, being relatively house bound, I spent a lot of time wonderi