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Sea of Memories

When Kendra first visits her ailing grandmother, Ella has only one request: that Kendra write her story down, before she forgets In 1937, seventeen-year-old Ellas life changes forever when she is sent to spend the summer on the beautiful le de R and meets the charismatic, creative Christophe. They spend the summer together, exploring the islands sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, and, for the first time in her life, Ella feels truly free.But the outbreak of war casts everything in a new light. Ella is forced to return to Scotland, where she volunteers for the war effort alongside the dashing Angus. In this new world, Ella feels herself drifting further and further from who she was on the le de R. Can she ever find her way back? And does she want to?From the windswept le de R to the rugged hills of Scotland, Sea of Memories is a spellbinding journey about the power of memory, love and second chances....

Title : Sea of Memories
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ISBN : 34917666
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Sea of Memories Reviews

  • Maureen Moffat

    Gripping from first to last pages.

    Here there are several stories in one, the possibilities for each strand to become a book of its own.

    I can still feel the joy of scudding over foam topped waves, the bottomless grief of lost love

    Unlike many authors, Fiona contrives to bring her story to a considered conclusion rather than leaving the reader with the feeling that she "can't be bothered anymore"

    A bit like Bronte 's Villette, the future of the characters is yours to decide.

  • Jackie Hawes

    Wonderful page turner.

    Fantastic. First book I have read by Fiona Valpy but definitely won't be my last. I did not want the story to end. Full of love, hope and seeing things from a different perspective, it transports the reader across the years, showing how time and circumstances change things but also intertwine in life's tapestries. I could literally feel the emotions and feelings of the characters come alive from the pages. A gripping love story which isn't all about hearts and flowers but a

  • Cindy Woods

    Four and a half stars!

    I loved this book by the end. The last third had me blubbering like a baby! For someone who rarely cries, that's telling!

    The story is about an old woman relating her life story to her granddaughter so that she writes a book of her life. Her memories mostly surround the WWII Era in Scotland and France where, as a young woman, she finds love.

    I don't want to be spoil the story, but it's a very creative plot......a heart wrenching, soul shaking story that I found hard to put d

  • Linda A Fletcher


    A book to read on so many levels.

    Firstly the joy of your first love, the one that you think is for ever, and it might be!

    Then the interruption of WW2 and the lives of what seemed to be ordinary men and women, who where extraordinary and a love forged on the back of these exploits.

    And not to forget the love of parents juggling with a handicapped child that without that all consuming love will break families or forge them if the signs are tread right.

    A joy to read and look forward to my nex

  • Little My

    Whilst I did really enjoy this novel and the descriptions of France I felt in trying to cover the entirety of one person's life meant that the characters became somewhat diluted. At times I felt disappointed that some of the main character's experiences were dealt with in a chapter when they could in fact have been books in their own right. But still a very enjoyable read.

  • Georgina Roberts

    I loved this book, the descriptions of France were so well written and really took me there. I loved the story, how it goes back and forth to the past and the present day and just everything about the book in general. I even had a few tears at the end which to me is a sign of how much the book has moved me. First book I’ve read by Fiona and I’ll definitely look for more. Five stars

  • Robert E. Vojslavek

    Swept Away...

    I adored this book, so it might seem incongruous that I gave it only four stars. Truthfully, it’s a solid 4.5 just not a 5. Read this, you will come to know and respect Ella. You just might grow to love the person she was. Her story has so many layers to it, so many lessons to be learned from Ella’s living. How profound to share that some hearts will know both a first love and a lasting love, Ella’s fate.

    The author does a good job journeying back in time to tell Ella’s story. She h

  • Teresa

    Sea of Memories is a beautiful love story. It is the love story between Ella and Angus, Ella and Christophe and ultimately between Kendra and Dan. It is also a love story between Ella and Kendra.

    Ella asks her granddaughter, Kendra, to write her story before she becomes so frail that she can no longer remember it. Through tapes, letters and conversations, Kendra learns the story of Ella and Christophe, and in doing so, learns who her grandmother really was, something we would all be privileged to