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L'Appart: The Delights and Disasters of Making My Paris Home

Bestselling author and world-renowned chef David Lebovitz continues to mine the rich subject of his evolving ex-Pat life in Paris, using his perplexing experiences in apartment renovation as a launching point for stories about French culture, food, and what it means to revamp one's life. Includes dozens of new recipes.When David Lebovitz began the project of updating his apartment in his adopted home city, he never imagined he would encounter so much inexplicable red tape while contending with the famously inconsistent European work ethic and hours. Lebovitz maintains his distinctive sense of humor with the help of his partner Romain, peppering this renovation story with recipes from his Paris kitchen. In the midst of it all, he reveals the adventure that accompanies carving out a place for yourself in a foreign country--under baffling conditions--while never losing sight of the magic that inspired him to move to the City of Light many years ago, and to truly make his home there....

Title : L'Appart: The Delights and Disasters of Making My Paris Home
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ISBN : 9780804188388
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 368 pages
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L'Appart: The Delights and Disasters of Making My Paris Home Reviews

  • Randal White

    Will blow away your House Hunters International fantasy! Lebovitz is an American chef and cookbook author who moved to Paris to advance his career. I have read his previous books, and he is a talented and engaging author. This particular book is about his search for, purchase of, and renovation of a home in Paris. And what a great story it is!I found myself surprised at the difficulty in even locating a property for sale in Paris (House Hunters International makes it look so easy and fun on TV!) ...more

  • Neil Plakcy

    Lively and enjoyable, for the most part, though there was a bit too much of looking forward to doom and gloom in the renovation, which spoiled some of the anticipation. Haven't tried any of the recipes but they look just as yummy as the ones in his blog.

  • Ann Mah

    At once witty and wistful, this tale of French home ownership and renovation had me crying tears of hilarity and frustration. David is a charming narrator and while this story could have been a flimsy fairytale, it quickly veered into the horror genre ;)

  • Michelle

    As charming as it is informative, L’appart offers a chef’s eye view of the beauty and bureaucratic madness that is France.

    After moving from San Francisco to Paris, Lebovitz spent a decade living in a tiny top-floor flat with a magnificent view of the City of Light. When he finally decided to buy his own place, he had no idea what he was in for. In this fresh, funny memoir, sprinkled with insider knowledge about Paris life (sales only happen once a year, for example, and baguettes always come wra

  • Cody

    A delightful take on the adventures and follies of an American abroad--one that left this reader with quite an appetite!

  • Leith Devine

    I've been reading David's blog for years, and this glimpse into his life in France was funny and revealing....and it has great recipes too!

    When the book starts, Davis has been in Paris for several years, renting an apartment. He decides it's time to buy, and descends into the Parisian world of bureaucracy, red tape, and unwritten rules that an American from California could not possible understand.

    Fortunately, he has his partner, a native and fearless Frenchman to help him through some of the r

  • Diane Young

    “When I started looking for an apartment, I had no idea what I was doing or what I was getting into- just like how I decided to move to Paris. I just did it, then learned the steps along the way, aka, the hard way.”

    After spending years in Paris, David Lebovitz (a cookbook author) decides to finally make the City of Light his permanent home. Following his (mis)adventures in renovation, readers get an inside look at the outlandish behaviors of his contractor and the odd Paris traditions that may

  • Sally

    Poor David!

    A terrifying, funny and educational book. A lamb to the slaughter by venal contractors. A happy ending to a story which had me groaning in sympathy and laughing out loud.