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The Desert and the Sea: 977 Days Captive on the Somali Pirate Coast

Michael Scott Moore, a journalist and the author of Sweetness and Blood, incorporates personal narrative and rigorous investigative journalism in this profound and revelatory memoir of his three-year captivity by Somali piratesa riveting,thoughtful, and emotionally resonant exploration of foreign policy, religious extremism, and the costs of survival.In January 2012, having covered a Somali pirate trial in Hamburg for Spiegel Online Internationaland funded by a grant from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis ReportingMichael Scott Moore traveled to the Horn of Africa to write about piracy and ways to end it. In a terrible twist of fate, Moore himself was kidnapped and subsequently held captive by Somali pirates. Subjected to conditions that break even the strongest spiritsphysical injury, starvation, isolation, terrorMoores survival is a testament to his indomitable strength of mind. In September 2014, after 977 days, he walked free when his ransom was put together by the help of several US a...

Title : The Desert and the Sea: 977 Days Captive on the Somali Pirate Coast
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The Desert and the Sea: 977 Days Captive on the Somali Pirate Coast Reviews

  • Thaddeus Sweet

    Inside the hostage...

    Comprehensive research, history, storytelling, and deep psychological insights from the author/captive made this a fascinating read. While the text seemed long and moved slowly at times, this quality helped reinforce the true experience of captivity.

  • Kyla

    Very well written with a dry sense of humor. I had to keep reminding myself that yes, these events actually happened to the author... at times scary, sobering, fantastical, and funny... this is an insightful read.

  • Nate Kara

    If you want a condensed version go to Joe Rogan’s podcast and find the one with Michael Scott Moore. An awesome story.

  • Cindy Vallar

    As a reporter for Spiegel Online, Michael Moore covered a piracy trial – the first held in Germany in over four hundred years. What he learned piqued his curiosity to know more about Somali pirates, so he accompanied Ashwin Raman, a documentary maker and war correspondent for German TV, to the Horn of Africa in 2012. At the time of their arrival, the pirates held more than 700 sailors captive. They mostly hailed from Asian countries and were often referred to as the “forgotten hostages.”

    The jour

  • Mel

    My husband read this and afterward said "read it". And I am glad I did, Michael Scott Moore has written an incredible story about a horrific situation. The way he humanizes his cruel, but ridiculous Somali guards is a testament to his talented writing and his generous spirit. By the time I finished his tale I loved him like a son. I am so glad he survived his capture to write this very important and informative book.

  • Zack Kennedy

  • Michelle Cortado

    Fantastic! I love the tone and matter of fact attitude that he presents such a incredible true through. An epic tale of greed and the human spirit

  • Flowergarden24

    This showed us great insight into the minds of the pirates and also what kinds of things a person thinks about while in captivity. I liked the way the author wasn't trying to make himself seem like a big hero or tell us of his hardship so we feel sympathy. He keeps saying how he made a huge mistake in going to a dangerous place and causing his Mom and others years of torment as well as himself. It wasn't a self-aggrandizing book. I found it very exciting , honest and very sad.