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Gather the Daughters

Never Let Me Go meets The Giver in this haunting debut about a cult on an isolated island, where nothing is as it seems.Years ago, just before the country was incinerated to wasteland, ten men and their families colonized an island off the coast. They built a radical society of ancestor worship, controlled breeding, and the strict rationing of knowledge and history. Only the Wanderers--chosen male descendants of the original ten--are allowed to cross to the wastelands, where they scavenge for detritus among the still-smoldering fires.The daughters of these men are wives-in-training. At the first sign of puberty, they face their Summer of Fruition, a ritualistic season that drags them from adolescence to matrimony. They have children, who have children, and when they are no longer useful, they take their final draught and die. But in the summer, the younger children reign supreme. With the adults indoors and the pubescent in Fruition, the children live wildly--they fight over food and s...

Title : Gather the Daughters
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Gather the Daughters Reviews

  • Navidad Thélamour

    “When a daughter submits to her father’s will, when a wife submits to her husband, when a woman is a helper to a man, we are worshiping the ancestors and their vision.”

    Jennie Melamed’s Gather the Daughters bowled me over in more ways than one. It was haunting, arresting, thought-provoking and confrontational in all the best ways possible. It pressed up against the boundaries of my personal comfort levels - and then pushed passed them. This was a novel with something to say, and Melamed’s voice

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)

    I've struggled to review this title because I have mixed feelings.

    On the one hand, I'm weary of the women-as-breeder trope so common in post-apocalyptic fiction. On the other hand, there are reasons this is so prevalent.

    On the one hand, I find the child abuse in this, even though it is often "offstage," very disturbing. On the other hand, well. It's not unbelievable.

    On the one hand, I was confused about the world building. On the other hand, the ending makes everything very clear, or at least pr

  • Jena

    This review is going to contain some spoilers, so if you haven’t read this book and are interested in it, please be warned. This book is also heavy with trigger issues, specifically, sexual abuse and violence, along with domestic abuse.

    “Laughter for a boy, tears for a girl.”

    That one sentence summarizes the horror of living as a girl in this disturbed society. Even calling this society disturbed doesn’t feel like enough. It is horrific and beyond understanding.

    I went into this novel expecting cre

  • Liz Barnsley

    Ok I'm going to go slightly off the reservation for this one which seems to be very popular. I didn't like it.

    Having said that Gather The Daughters has an awful lot going for it - not least in the writing skill. I can't fault Jennie Melamed's writing and if she had been telling almost any other story I'd probably be 5* raving right now. And she plots beautifully and it's some hard hitting stuff. So to everyone else I say give it a go.

    Me? I read it all quite quickly but not because I was loving i

  • Jaidee

    Half a "amateurish, histrionic, incongruous, ridiculous, dysgusting, dystopian" star !!

    2017 Award - Worst Read of the Year

    This book was absolutely wretched !!!

    The writing was amateurish from being repetitively flowery and ornate to incongruous dialogue and behaviors of both children and adults that did not make any sense.

    The book started off somewhat interesting and then she tried to mash up all sorts of previous dystopian ideas into this book into a most slimy and soupy mess.

    I skimmed the

  • Nancy

    Once there was a young wife who was making her first ham dinner. She carefully sliced the end off of the ham before putting it into the roasting pan.

    Her husband queried, "Why did you cut the end of the ham off?"

    "Because," the wife replied, "that's how Mom always did it."

    The husband suggested, "You should ask your mom why."

    So, when her folks arrived for dinner the young wife asked, "Mom, why do you cut the end of the ham off?" "Because," the mother replied, " otherwise it wouldn't fit into my

  • Sheila

    3.5 stars--somewhere between liked and really liked.

    The negative: This has all been done before. And, it's a big downer.

    The positive: I found this engrossing reading. The characterizations and psychology are spot on. The details of this civilization (which, as far as I can tell, was founded by deviants and not caused by any post-apocalyptical scenario) were chilling. I really rooted for the daughters to learn the truth, break free, and cause a riot. The ending depressed me, though it's fitting.

  • debra

    I read and reviewed it. The little piggy ate another one. Not doing it again as my original review was stellar! I'll stick to that evaluation of my own review, until or if, it reappears- then I will immediately start backpedaling.

    PS Now I remember being particularly annoyed that this book was compared to The Giver and Never Let Me Go and that might have added to my disenjoyment.

    (I just do so enjoy making up my own words-sorry)