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The Swap

The Swap begins when Nicole Lewis, young woman living in Los Angeles, arranges a summer-long swap of her condo for a London couples house. She thinks its the perfect arrangement. Shes always dreamed of seeing the real London, not just the tourist spots. Shell be able to accompany her husband, Brad, on his out-of-town work as a trouble-shooter for his company. It will also give her a chance to keep an eye on Brenda, Brads assistant, who seems to be getting a little too chummy with her boss. But things dont turn out the way Nicole expects. Within a couple of days, she discovers that Freddy and Muriel Lowry, the Londoners, failed to arrive in L.A. and appear to be missing. Then people start followingher and making threats, demanding information she doesnt have. Nicole realizes shes in serious trouble. But she cant get Bradbusy workingor the police to believe her. Somehow, its up to her to extricate herself from the mess the Lowrys have left behind....

Title : The Swap
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ISBN : 9781611531886
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 342 pages
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The Swap Reviews

  • Cindy O

    I am actually disappointed with this book. Although the premise sounded interesting, the story became entirely predictable except for the many loose ends. One red herring is okay. Looking back at the book it seems like it was an entire red herring. The characters were not fleshed out and the plot was sloppy. I don't like sloppy writing when reading a mystery.

    This book could have been written by a high schooler in creative writing class. A good student but has a long way to go before writing a B

  • Jennifer

    I bought The Swap because I like thrillers with female protagonists and was intrigued a mystery involving an international house swap - since I've been thinking about doing a house swap myself. Once i started it, I literally could not put it down. Great, fun read!

  • P.e. lolo

    In this story, The Swap. Nicole Lewis arranges a swap of her and her husband Brad house in California for a place in London, where Brad will be working for the summer. Brad’s sectary comes also and that was not what she wanted, she wanted time at least a little time with her husband. After settling in the next day she finds out the Lowry’s did not make it to their home in California and also there was a problem with the car she left at the home. After speaking with the police from California she ...more

  • Stephen Clynes

    Nicole Graves engages in a summer long house swap of her Los Angeles condo with a strangers’ house in London. What could possibly go wrong?

    The Swap is told from Nicole’s point of view, an American staying in Britain. In her own style she forms opinions of the British way of life and her spelling is American English. So it was quite funny for me being British, living and working in Britain, reading a book set in Britain BUT written by an American, centred around an American character using Americ

  • Linda Diaz

    Nicole Lewis finds herself in a predicament. After Nicole and Brad Lewis from Los Angeles swap houses with Fredrick and Muriel Lowry in London, their world unravels. Brad is a little shady, to say the least. He is a computer executive who his own business in electronic funding on the side. Oh yes, and before I forget, he is also cheating on Nicole.

    From the start, Nicole meets Inspector Richard H. Reinhardt, who is searching for Fredrick Lowry. The tenant in the Lowry's home, Alice McConnehy, see

  • Bandit

    Can we just all agree that swaps are generally a terrible idea. How much faith do you have in (wo)mankind to trust them in your place unattended? How exactly do you relax in a stranger’s place knowing that there are strangers in yours? None of it sounds right, even in this day and age of shared economy. Or maybe I’m just too possessive and proprietary of my living space. Nah…swaps are still stupid and the least safe way to try on someone’s life. But then again Nicole Graves, the story’s protagon ...more

  • Penny Rosier

    Just when you thought it was safe to go on that business trip with your husband, it wasn’t. I thought I was so smart when I figured the husband had to be lying, although I do have to admit I thought her husband had a lot more to do with the events that enveloped her than he actually did. Still, this was a fun book and I found myself cheering for her and being surprised at her gumption and willingness to throw herself wholeheartedly into the quest for the truth. I was a little disappointed at the ...more

  • Maria

    Nicole, is an American who will be staying for 3 weeks in a big house in London, not for holidays but to try to save her marriage with Brad. When some frightening things start to happen around her, she only wants to return home and divorce Brad.

    Visiting London is one of my favourite pleasures, and staying there for 3 weeks would be my dream. I made a few swap houses in my life, some are better than others of course, but I was never so unlucky like Nicole to end in a house like the Lowry's!

    I love