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If I Run

Casey knows the truth.But it wont set her free.Casey Coxs DNA is all over the crime scene. Theres no use talking to police; they have failed her abysmally before. She has to flee before shes arrested . . . or worse. The truth doesnt matter anymore.But what is the truth? Thats the question haunting Dylan Roberts, the war-weary veteran hired to find Casey. PTSD has marked him damaged goods, but bringing Casey back can redeem him. Though the crime scene seems to tell the whole story, details of the murder arent adding up. Casey Cox doesnt fit the profile of a killer. But are Dylans skewed perceptions keeping him from being objective? If she isnt guilty, why did she run?Unraveling her past and the evidence that condemns her will take more time than he has, but as Dylans damaged soul intersects with hers, he is faced with two choices. The girl who occupies his every thought is a psychopathic killer . . . or a selfless hero. And the truth could be the most deadly weapon yet....

Title : If I Run
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ISBN : 9780310332435
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 305 pages
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If I Run Reviews

  • Rissa

    4.75 ⭐

    Casey is on the run for a crime she didnt commit.

    Dylan is supposed to find her and bring her in.

    This was an intese read as casey is moving from place to place trying to aviod the police and hopefully create a new life for herself but stuff goes wrong and im explaining this poorly but i loved it! And highly recommend you pick it up because it was amazing and i read it at a time in my life that i really needed someone to question God as i question him.

  • R.F. Gammon

    This is the book I never knew I needed.

    This is a thriller series for Christians. It's a Christian book that doesn't shy away from the evil and violence and sorrow of the real world, but still offers glimmers of hope. It's about a young woman who's been crushed by the weight of evil for her entire life and still tries to do what's right no matter the personal cost. It's about a man whose PTSD cripples him, but he still works to follow his God and do what is right. It's about an incredibly corrupt

  • Gracelyn Buckner

    5 Stars

    Wow. Just, wow. I can't believe I read this in an afternoon.


    the suspense

    I've never read a book like this. I'm not a big fan of mysteries (except for Nancy Drew) and I've never read a crime book. But, lots of people were saying this series was good, so I tried it. And I was not disappointed. There wasn't that much action, per se, but it was sooo suspenseful. I mean, I read it in an afternoon, and I've not read a book that quickly in months.

    the profoundness

    (I'm not really sure

  • Laura Nowlin

    Once again, this is a book that I only picked up because it was assigned for the book group I run at the library where I work part-time.

    This book is utterly ridiculous. I don't even have time to type out all the plot holes and illogical actions and events that take place.

    Suffice to say, I'm a Christian and I *still* found this book insufferably preachy. Also, at the end of the book, Blackstock claims that there is truth to the Planned Parenthood "Baby parts" conspiracy theory that has been deb

  • Linda Strong

    Publishing Date 2/16/2016

    Casey Cox is running for her life. Her friend, Brent, has been murdered and she found the body. Her DNA is all over the place and she knows the police will never believe her. Brent was investigating her father's supposed suicide and found proof that he was actually murdered.

    Dylan Roberts is hired by Brent's parents to find the truth ... the local law enforcement wants him to find Casey. The more Dylan looks into this case, the more he believes that Casey is not a killer.

  • Sarah

    I was given an ARC of If I Run from NetGalley for an honest review and this is my review.

    This is a book I had a love hate relationship with. I loved it until the end and then I was so disappointed with how for me there was no real closure I started to hate it. I am really getting disappointed with all these cliffhangers that authors are leaving readers with now days. Frankly, I read over 100 books a year and it is going to take one hell of a book to make me remember it when the next one with the

  • Staci

    If I Run is good, very good. Readers that enjoy suspense should not miss this one!

    If I Run is primarily about Casey, who is on the run from the police. She is a smart young lady with a good heart. Dylan is the second main character and he is a soldier with PTSD.

    Initially, I was confused by the first person wording by both Casey and Dylan, but I quickly adapted to switch between the two voices.

    Terri is the best of the genre. If I Run is highly recommended for fans of suspense.

  • Ronie

    Very good read, compelling with interesting characters. I appreciated the faith thread in this story.