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Boy Erased: A Memoir

A beautiful, raw and compassionate memoir about identity, love and understanding. The son of a Baptist pastor and deeply embedded in church life in small town Arkansas, as a young man Garrard Conley was terrified and conflicted about his sexuality. When Garrard was a nineteen-year-old college student, he was outed to his parents, and was forced to make a life-changing decision: either agree to attend a church-supported conversion therapy program that promised to cure him of homosexuality; or risk losing family, friends, and the God he had prayed to every day of his life. Through an institutionalized Twelve-Step Program heavy on Bible study, he was supposed to emerge heterosexual, ex-gay, cleansed of impure urges and stronger in his faith in God for his brush with sin. Instead, even when faced with a harrowing and brutal journey, Garrard found the strength and understanding to break out in search of his true self and forgiveness. By confronting his buried past and the burden of a li...

Title : Boy Erased: A Memoir
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Boy Erased: A Memoir Reviews

  • Gloria Zmolek

    For the past three years, I have been following Garrard’s journey of writing and publishing BOY ERASED. I knew it was about his experience in an Ex-Gay camp in Arkansas but didn’t know much more, so I expected the book to be mostly about his time in the camp. While an important part of his story, the book is about so much more. Specifically, it is about his process of coming out in the South, commonly referred to as the Bible Belt, while his father is becoming a Baptist minister. Garrard paints ...more

  • Bridget

    I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. I had watched a documentary about gay conversion therapy and saw this book being recommended in my feed and dived on in. I think it takes a brave young person to write about the painful things that have happened to them. Certainly what this young man went through is awful. I always think it is so thoroughly weird that christian people feel so comfortable preaching that they should be kind to each other and others, at the same time as being so very ...more

  • Pavellit Off

    This is an important story about a boy who is forced to participate in a church-supported gay conversion program, ironically called 'Love in Action', which in its short time has managed to erased him, perhaps in ways that can't be repaired. It's also about the reality of being a gay son of a baptist preacher in the South in a strictly religious community- full of secrets, full of unsaid words. The Bible belt is more suffocating than ever. The memoir is filled with poetic and vibrant writing and ...more

  • Eric Hausman-Houston

    I just finished BOY ERASED, and I'm so glad this book is out there. Not only because this horrific story, beautifully written with humor and gut wrenching honesty, is so important to be told, but also because it means this wonderful young man has survived, though with scars that may take a lifetime to heal.

    I had the good fortune of hearing Garrard discuss BOY ERASED at the The National Arts Club in NYC. His speaks as well as he writes. He's as down to earth, warm, funny, intelligent as one woul

  • Kyle

    Actual rating: 2.5

    I picked up this memoir under the impression that it would entail a lengthy/important conversation on conversion therapy programs, as well as the author’s long, arduous journey through the process therein, and, eventually, on to his post-therapy years. What I got was merely a fleeting glimpse of that.

    Here’s the thing: this book is sorely underdeveloped.

    Mr. Conley writes from a wobbly memory of his eight-day stay at LIA (Love in Action)— an über-religious gay conversion program.

  • Jeremy

    This is an extraordinary book, and an important one, especially if you have ever struggled to reconcile your sexuality with your religion, which is not to say this book has the answer, but it is an experience about a religious boy who discovers that he is gay, who then fights against the very nature of his being because of his religion. But what makes A Boy Erased so wonderful is that it goes beyond being just about the "victim" of an ex-gay conversion camp. It also encompasses the culture that ...more

  • Brian Murray

    Boy Erased is an unpleasant and necessary read.

    Conley details some very complex and dark emotions. This is not really the story of his coming out, nor is it the story of his days in ex-gay therapy, although those are both chronicled. No, this book is a chaos, emotionally, thematically, and structurally. Conley frequently goes back and forth between three or even four narrative threads at once. It can be confusing at first, but as you read, the connections he makes between events and his thoughts

  • Thomas

    4.5 stars

    A compelling, compassionate memoir about Garrard Conley's struggle with his homosexuality while growing up in an ultra-religious town and family. He writes about undergoing ex-gay conversion therapy, disappointing his father - a Baptist pastor - and his church as a whole, and using writing itself to cope with his emotional wounds. Though he tells his story in a consistent personal narrative style, Conley connects his journey to the pain that many LGBTQ youth endure when raised in intole