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The Einstein Prophecy

As war rages in 1944, young army lieutenant Lucas Athan recovers a sarcophagus excavated from an Egyptian tomb. Shipped to Princeton University for study, the box contains mysteries that only Lucas, aided by brilliant archaeologist Simone Rashid, can unlock.These mysteries may, in fact, defyor fulfillthe dire prophecies of Albert Einstein himself.Struggling to decipher the sarcophaguss strange contents, Lucas and Simone unwittingly release forces for both good and unmitigated evil. The fate of the world hangs not only on Professor Einsteins secret research but also on Lucass ability to defeat an unholy adversary more powerful than anything he ever imagined.From the mind of bestselling author and award-winning journalist Robert Masello comes a thrilling, page-turning adventure where modern science and primordial supernatural powers collide....

Title : The Einstein Prophecy
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ISBN : 24429934
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 338 pages
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The Einstein Prophecy Reviews

  • Lauren Noel

    I'm glad I didn't pay for this book because wow...this book is not worth it. The only reason I finished this book was because I hate NOT finishing a book.

    I read The Einstein's Prophecy on my downtime at work. It was readable, yet barely entertaining. The only thing I enjoyed were Einstein's narratives. It was a ballsy move on the author's part to write from his perspective and not royally screw things up. Also, the writing style, while extremely stiff and dry, was very grammatically pleasant.


  • Anthony

    July 22, 2015

    A Review by Anthony T. Riggio of "The Einstein Prophesy" by Robert Masello

    I purchased this book in the Kindle format.

    This was a fun book to read. it was something in the fashion Angels and Demons, Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Museum Men. It is a short read and fun to let one's imagination go free and just enjoy the moment. It had suspense, demons, and intrigue around and all framed around Princeton University, where Albert Einstein was an honored professor in 1944. There are some

  • Glen Robinson

    It's always fun to mix a little history, a little military, in with your science fiction and/or horror. In this case, the story is of an art history professor who serves during World War II in Europe and is assigned with another soldier to recover precious art taken by the Nazis. The two of them are given directions to an iron mine outside Strasborg, Germany in 1944 where they discover a sarcophagus. A freak explosion ends their expedition. The next thing you know, the main character is in the U ...more

  • Harold

    I was disappointed. I really liked "The Jekyll Revelation" but in many ways this one really jumped the shark. I'm being generous giving this 3 stars. Masello was reaching for Dan Brown's audience in this but missed the mark by overdoing it. In Jekyll the supernatural element could be attributed to the character's perception after taking the equivalent of an hallucinogenic drug. In this one it was up front with all the flaws inherent. I like a good supernatural story but so few are. Most have all ...more

  • puppitypup

    WWII Thriller A Pleasant Surprise!

    Great read, reminiscent of Indiana Jones, an action/adventure with something for everyone - archaeology, science, horror, even romance.

    I really like the protagonist, Lucas, love the WWII setting, and the inclusion of Einstein and Godel is a fun side-story.

    I think what surprised me most is how well this book will appeal to both men and women. So often, in the thriller genre, female characters are limited to caricatures, but this novel has a believable female co-l

  • Michelle Burgard


    I give this a 3.5 rating. The story was great but some parts felt a little slow where other parts felt rushed. Overall, I really liked this book, along with this time period and particular war. Recommend!

  • Marva

    I like books which include real people from history. If, however, the writer does some atrocious thing like "Abe Lincoln: Vampire Killer" I will never read them again.

    In this thriller, Robert Masello passes the could-have-been test. Nothing I've read about Albert Einstein left me with an "oh, come on!" If that had happened, I would have stopped reading.

    This book is similar to DaVinci Code with the paranormal aspects, but done without the religious overtones. No Catholic Priest showed up to save

  • Theimp

    One Big Mistake

    The author makes a hugh error in Chapter 36 when he has an FBI agent screw a silencer on his revolver. Two problems with that; that type of device cannot work on a revolver, and the agent would have called it a suppressor. A common error that has ruined many a movie, TV show, and book. I base this criticism on the fact that I've 40 years experience as a gunsmith and law enforcement armored.

    Otherwise the story is pretty good.