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Shadow's Bane

Half-human, half-vampire Dorina Basarab is backand facing her biggest challenge yet in the next urban fantasy in the New York Times bestselling series.Dorina Basarab is a dhampirhalf-human, half-vampire. As one of the Vampire Senates newest members, Dory already has a lot on her plate. But then a relative of one of Dorys fey friends goes missing. They fear hes been sold to a slaver who arranges fightssometimes to the deathbetween different types of fey.As Dory investigates, she and her friends learn the slavers are into something much bigger than a fight club. With the Vampire Senate gearing up for war with Faerie, itll take everything she has to defeat the slaversand deal with the entirely too attractive master vampire Louis-Cesare.......

Title : Shadow's Bane
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ISBN : 9780451419064
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 616 pages
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Shadow's Bane Reviews

  • Lily

    I reread the previous Dorina books in preparation for this, and I've really come to love her as one of my favorite characters.

    This 4th book continues where the last on left off. Dory keeps growing and improving, her life keeps getting better, and she is essentially pulling herself out of 500 years of depression and isolation. I love the progress with Mircea and her growint relationship her weird collection of friends and family.

    It's a very satisfying premise and there is enough conflict to kee

  • Kari Chapman

    I am so very disappointed in this book. I abandoned the related Cassie Palmer series a few books ago when the author decided what we needed was non-stop chaotic action scenes. I couldn't keep track of what was going on or, honestly, what I should care. Chance had also decided that it was great writing to have her main character spend chapters upon chapters trying to get something to eat but being thwarted by the aforementioned chaotic action scenes, politics or other nonsense. Thankfully the thr ...more

  • Sophia

    As one of the series that started me along the Urban Fantasy path, I definitely have a soft spot for the Dorina Basarab (or Midnight's Daughter) as the series is sometimes called. The action, twists, and tougher than anything heroine in the fabulous world the author created once again pulled me in and had me utterly riveted so many times.

    Shadow's Bane is the fourth book in a companion series to the author's Cassie Palmer series. Each of these books must be read in order. They can be read without

  • Keikii Eats Books

    49 points/100 (2.5 stars/5).

    Dorina was recently appointed to the Vampire Senate, but some enterprising vampires figure that if they can kill her before she is inducted in, they can take her place. Also, her troll friends have her going off all over the place looking for a relative that was taken by slavers. Also, her roomate Claire's father in law to be is hanging around, looking for Claire's help in something that you just know is going to be no good.

    Compared to Fury's Kiss, this book felt like

  • Karissa

    This is the fourth book in the Dorina Basarab series. It’s been six years (yes *six* years) since the last book in this series. I love this series so much more than Chance’s Cassie Palmer series (which I stopped reading after the third book). I was a bit nervous to pick this book up because of the huge time lag between books, but it used to be one of my favorite UF series so I decided to take a risk. It ended up being good...not great...but good. It was also very, very long and it felt long.


  • Mara
  • Anita Chojnacka

    "People keep asking about Dory #4. And I keep saying the same things: Yes, it is coming. No, I don’t have a pub date yet. Yes, I am working on it. But that gets a little boring after a while, so after a bunch of recent questions came in, I thought maybe this time I would post a teaser instead. Consider it a good faith promise that yes, it really is in the works. So here’s part of the first chapter. Enjoy. :-)

    The truck was old army issue, built back when even regular cars resembled tanks, and it

  • Tony Hisgett

    Karen Chance used to be one of my favourite authors, I loved the first five Cassandra Palmer books, but then it all started to go wrong. The author started writing books as though she was producing screenplays for Hollywood blockbuster action movies. It seemed to be the case of forget the story just look at the action, no matter how irrelevant !!

    I have waited six long years since the last Dorina Basarab novel and during that time I have just hoped that these books weren’t going to go the same wa