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Rutka's Notebook: A Voice from the Holocaust

Rutka Laskier, a 14 year-old Jewish girl died in Auschwitz in 1943. But she left behind a notebook in which she recorded her thoughts, fears and dreams. Now, after 60 years, that notebook hs been recovered, opening a unique, moving window into everyday life of Polish Jews caught in the throes of Adolf Hitler's Final Solution. ...

Title : Rutka's Notebook: A Voice from the Holocaust
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ISBN : 9781603200196
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 90 pages
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Rutka's Notebook: A Voice from the Holocaust Reviews

  • Theresa

    I've been trying to formulate this review in my head since finishing this thought provoking and extremely poignant book. I suppose after further contemplation I've been thinking about what I would say before finishing. I wanted to share the thoughts and feelings that I was experiencing while reading but then I would have had to write a page by page review since nearly every page reached out and grabbed me. This book was so difficult for me. It's a mere 86 pages and it took me just shy of a week ...more

  • Brian

    We can never forget.

  • Brett Swanson

    It's hard not to compare this to The Diary of Anne Frank, and the problem in doing that is that Anne's journal gives so much more detail and insight into the horrors of the time. However, Rutka's small journal is heavy in realizing that this was a young adolescent girl who had similar interests as I did at that age, yet had to cope with the constant fear of death and persecution.

  • Al

    "Oh, I forgot the most important thing. I saw how a soldier tore a baby, who was only a few months old, out of its mother's hands and bashed his head against an electric pylon. The baby's brain splashed on the wood. The mother went crazy. I am writing this as if nothing has happened. As if I were in an army experienced in cruelty. But I'm young, I'm 14, and I haven't seen much in my life, and I'm already so indifferent. Now I am terrified when I see uniforms. I'm turning into an animal waiting t ...more

  • AnnaMay

    This book takes just an hour to read and does a nice job of putting her 50 pages of diary in historical context. Each page is juxtaposed with pictures from the time and region. I can't say I've eaver been so struck with the reality of the holocaust. Something about looking into her little brother's eyes in their first diplayed portrait in the book. The round toddler cheeks are just too similar to my own three year old's.

    What a horrifying time in history. The 6 million were individuals. This boo

  • Agnieszka

    Zawsze szalenie trudno jest oceniać czy recenzować czyjeś zapiski, pamiętniki. Zwłaszcza, jeżeli te należały do młodej dziewczyny. Zostawiam zatem ocenę dobrą. Nie chcę oceniać stylu Rutki - nie o to chodzi. Jej zapiski są przejmujące, bo z każdym jej słowem o nadziei wiemy coś, z czego dziewczyna nie zdawała sobie sprawy - nie został jej nawet rok życia, już za parę miesięcy miała miała wraz ze swoim małym braciszkiem stać nago w komorze gazowej i powoli umierać.

    Zachęcam do przeczytania zapiskó

  • Eva Leger

    This is a diary from an approximate four month period from a teenage girl. The notebook she was writing in was hidden beneath her stairs when her and her family was sent from the ghetto where they were living to a Nazi camp. It's believed that Rutka and her entire family, with the exception of her father, died in that camp soon after.

    Rutka's friend went back to the house where Rutka's family lived after the war and retrieved the notebook as she had promised Rutka before they were seperated. Rut

  • Amy

    A moving read on a young life cut short due to the Holocaust. An interesting read from the perspective of a 14-year-old witnessing the horrors of the Nazi occupation in Poland. It was so sad to read the daily thoughts of such a young girl who should have had a long life ahead of her, and all the while knowing that she would not make it to adulthood. A very informative and emotional read. This is an important book for everyone to read!