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Last One Home (New Beginnings #1)

Growing up, Cassie Carter and her sisters, Karen and Nichole, were incredibly close -- until one fateful event drove them apart. After high school, Cassie ran away from home to marry the wrong man, throwing away a college scholarship and breaking her parents hearts. To make matters worse, Cassie had always been their fathers favorite -- a sentiment that weighed heavily on her sisters and made Cassies actions even harder to bear.Now thirty-one, Cassie is back in Washington, living in Seattle with her daughter and hoping to leave her past behind. After ending a difficult marriage, Cassie is back on her own two feet, the pieces of her life slowly but surely coming together. Despite the strides Cassies made, she hasnt been able to make peace with her sisters. Karen, the oldest, is a busy wife and mother, balancing her career with raising her two children. And Nichole, the youngest, is a stay-at-home mom whose husband indulges her every whim. Then one day, Cassie receives a letter from Kare...

Title : Last One Home (New Beginnings #1)
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ISBN : 9780553391886
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 320 pages
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Last One Home (New Beginnings #1) Reviews

  • Lisa

    This was a bit of a Debbie downer. Not our usual light and heart-warming Debbie. It wasn't a bad story, but I think I prefer the series to the stand-alones. And the topic of domestic violence, though handled gracefully, made for a bit of a heavy topic. I like to listen to Debbie Macomber books: the narrators are usually fantastic and the stories are light and easy to follow, with characters that I enjoy getting to know. However this particular book had a terrible narration. Her voice is so dragg ...more

  • Leona

    This was much better than other more recent work that I have read by DM.

    This is a realistic (and very sad) portrayal of a woman trying to piece her life back together after being brutally abused by her husband for many years. The story was well written and compelling, but in my opinion it dragged a bit in places and there were elements that should have been further developed. Thus only three stars, versus a 4 or 5. But it was still worth the investment of time. If you enjoy this author's work, t

  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin

    I only read this book because of a Goodreads challenge to get my badge. So, I went and read the audio because I didn't think I would like it. WRONG! I loved this book =) Now I will have to buy a physical copy and do a proper review one day. You all know I can read a book for the first time without following a long in the book to give a proper review.

    The narrator was awesome too!

    I can say that I loved the characters and the story line. And look at that cover! I want to jump right in the scene!

  • Denise

    The cover of this book is beautiful and I wanted to be in that gazebo. Unfortunately, for me, that was the best part of this book. The plot had promise but between the characters and the slow progress in the plot line I lost interest many times. The author kept repeating many facts throughout this book. Cassie's daughter is immature and annoying and I did not become engaged with Cassie, her sisters or Steve. This book left me wondering if there is a part two. On a positive point, I liked the par ...more

  • Kristen Anderson

    The main thrust of this book is Cassie trying to rebuild her life after spending years of struggle- first as an abused wife, and then trying to get her life together and raise her daughter after leaving her abuser. Her sisters, still angry over how she left home years ago, have made no attempts to help her at all, except to give her some old furniture they didn't want after they claimed all of the rest of their parents belongings. I was a bit put out on Cassie's behalf at how callous her sisters ...more

  • Ricki

    This is one of Debbie Macombers stand alone books, and a fine book it is indeed! Gotta say, though, but I did find it predictable. It's the story of Cassie, a divorced mom who was in an abusive marriage, and her relationships with her sisters, Karen and Nichole, and Steve Brody who is a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. Cassie has been selected as a future owner of a Habitat home and needs to work sweat-equity hours to get the hour. Steve is the contractor she's working with. They don't get a ...more

  • Leslie

    Last One Home is not what I would consider a straight up romance. There is a romance but the sisters' relationships and their attempts at reconciliation is the driving force of the story. The main focus is Cassie and her desire to get back in touch with her sisters whom she has not seen since she left home at eighteen. Years have gone by with little communication between the sisters but that's all about to change.

    Cassie Carter has done a lot of hard growing up since she left home as a teenager.

  • Teresa

    I loved this book! Read it in two days. Debbie Macomber is just an awesome storyteller. Cassie made a bad decision that tore her away from her family. She put herself into an abusive relationship that eventually led to Duke being incarcerated. Now out of Duke's reach, she is putting her and her daughter's (Aimee) life back together. Her strength and determination show that people can get out of bad situations if they act and work hard to make their lives better. Meeting Steve was awesome and sho ...more