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The Long Haul

A family road trip is supposed to be a lot of fun . . . unless, of course, youre theHeffleys.The journey starts off full of promise,then quickly takes several wrong turns.Gas station bathrooms, crazed seagulls, a fender bender, and a runaway pignot exactly Greg Heffleys idea of a good time.But even the worst road trip can turn into an adventureand this is one the Heffleyswont soon forget....

Title : The Long Haul
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ISBN : 9781419711893
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 224 pages
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The Long Haul Reviews

  • DanielC_C1

    Honestly, this book was a disappointment to me. Before, in the other Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, the things that happened were actually believable. Now I feel like Jeff's lost that spark for good ideas. It's normal for a health teacher to assign eggs to students as homework to keep them alive and for the girls to decorate them and for the boys to throw them at lockers. It is NOT normal, however, to have a 3 year old kid know how to put the keys in a car and start the engine. It's also not normal ...more

  • katyjanereads

    1. I laughed so hard several time: a) basically everything about the pig was hilarious to me b) when Greg had to go to the vet and they filled out a pet form for him c) the seagulls attacking them in their van.

    2. I was very happy with this book. Some of the series wasn't as funny as the original but this one was great.

    3. Is this the first one where it's completely away from home and school?

    4. Also, I went on a road trip this summer with my friends and the backseat was the same kind of deal. We

  • [Shai] Bibliophage

    This is one of the best books in this series that I've read so far. The funny road trip of the Heffley family will definitely make anyone laugh including that part where Manny won that pig. I thought that pig will never be reunited with Manny but in the end, that pig saved them.

  • Erin *Proud Book Hoarder*


    As always, cute. My son and I read these every year when they come out. I genuinely laugh out loud at least three times with each book. This one was just as funny in ways, but weaker in others since it took a hilarious situation and amped it up a little unrealistically. Sure, its all kids fiction, but this one is more far-fetched than the others. The magic and charm is humor that can be related to. This one has plenty to relate to, but goes over the top at the same time. It's a humor for kids

  • Zainab Alaraibi

    This book is very interesting and fuuny. It can relate to many people lives especially mine. It's hard having a baby sister/brother who always snitches. The funniest part was when Greg's mom and brother Many won a live baby pig and they had to take it. The baby pig was cute and smart.

    This book starts off with summer vacation. Greg is psyched and ready for no school, that until his mom came up with a plan. His mom likes to read magazine called "Family Frolic". She got the plan from an artical abo

  • Bookworm007

    Whoot! Whoot! Keep 'em comin', Kinney!!

    edit on November 10th, 2014

    This book was so, so, sooooo funny. When I got to the part about (view spoiler) The road tri

  • সালমান হক

    মনটা একদম ফুরফুরে হয়ে গেল। একটানা কলাস করে সটরেস এর একদম চূড়ানত পরযায়ে পৌছে গিয়েছিলাম, কিনতু এই বইটা শেষ করার পর সতযি একদম রিফরেশড লাগছে। :)

    গত দুইটা বই এ সিরিজ এর হিউমর এর যে কাম বযাক ঘটেছিল তা এই বইতে একদম পরিপূরণতা পেয়েছে, আর এইবারের পলটটাও একটু আউট অফ দয বকস । কারণ বই এ গরেগ আর ওর ফযামিলিকে ঘিরেই পুরা কাহিনী। বাড়তি কযারেকটার একদম নেই বললেও চলে যার কারণে আরো বেশী ভালো লেগেছে। গরেগ এর ছোটবেলার কিছু কথা আর গলপ যে বিভিনন যায়গায় বের হয়ে এসেছে তা সতযিই মজার। :D

    এইবারের কাহিনীতে গরেগ এর মার বুদধিত

  • Lila

    I laughed out loud as the family embarks on a road trip. Mom wants the trip to be fulfilling and educational. This trip is anything but! Stinky shoes win a prize at the fair. That prize is a baby pig that imprints on Manny. Clothes are stolen, accidents happen, and an attack of seagulls makes a giant mess.