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Speed Reading: How to Double (or Triple) Your Reading Speed in Just 1 Hour!

Would you like to double - or even triple - your reading speed, in just ONE HOUR?What if you could blast through email messages, business reports, and newspapers, quicker than it takes most people to drink a cup of coffee? How about if you could zoom through long books and other literature in just an hour, rather than the days it would take most people?In this exciting new book, best-selling author Justin Hammond shares the secrets to doubling, or even TRIPLING, your reading speed. And all in less than 60 minutes.He uncovers precisely what speed reading is (and isn't). He explores common misconceptions behind speed reading, and how reading actually works (you might be surprised!). And most importantly, he shares with you the most POWERFUL secrets to rocketing your reading speed -- starting IMMEDIATELY.Read this book and you'll begin digesting entire paragraphs at once, rather than reading each word. You'll be able to zip through whole documents in seconds, and whole books in a matter o...

Title : Speed Reading: How to Double (or Triple) Your Reading Speed in Just 1 Hour!
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ISBN : 20745368
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 59 pages
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Speed Reading: How to Double (or Triple) Your Reading Speed in Just 1 Hour! Reviews

  • Damisha

    Good info

    I generally speed read but wasnted to know if there were somethings that I could work on. After reading I found that I have a few bad habits. It was an interesting read. It is a great skill to pick up to improve your knowledge of things in the future. I will apply what I learned for the future and see how I am able to improve.

  • Anish Kumar

    Short read with repeated stuff

    I couldn't find anything new in this book. The author has insisted on few points more than one. It seemed to me as if author was just publishing it for the sake of making money out of it. No new tips learnt except a few.

  • Crystal A Ybarra


    I was worried that reading faster would result in me not understanding what I was reading. So glad that was addressed and how my comprehension would actually increase with my reading speed! Each technique was explained well and I'm thrilled to day that I've already noticed a significant difference in both speed and comprehension.

  • GGK

    Nice book, probably most authors are focused on engaging the reader as long as they can.

    Read last chapter first, It saves time.

    Good techniques are described in the book.

    I didn't understand the average reading speed thing in the book. There are many countries where English is not a first language, but the excersies in the book are in English. It's not a bad thing, however it's slightly out of context when comparing one's speed with someone else whose first language is English. For a non English

  • Baradh

    Redundant start and good finish.

    As stated in the title, initial content was redundant. Some of the techniques are good, practice will help. One this I anticipated is the type of literature (e.g even speed reads finds it difficult to read old English,) and one's vocabulary to understand the meaning to progress faster.

  • Dylan Cortez

    This book, in less than an hour, gave me very specific tips and tricks to help raise my reading speed.

    Now, I’m already a fast reader (my average speed is about 330 words per minute, according to the book’s pre-test), so I wasn’t sure if this book would even help me, or if I was already a “speed reader”.

    When I read through the tips and tricks mentioned in the book, some of them made sense (try not to have distractions around, have good posture, etc.), but there were some that I hadn’t even known

  • Vinay

    Read this book within an hour. Would have given 3 stars , but giving 4 stars since while speed reading, as mentioned in this book, i noticed an unknown small bad pattern in me which was odd. My speed is barely above 200 wpm and by the looks of it I need more practice. But since english is not my first language I’m Good with my speed i got.

  • Anantha Narayanan

    Waste of time reading

    Wish if there were a no star present... Such a waste of time speed reading this book. Not worth it