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Murder at the High School Reunion (Dekker Cozy Mystery #5)

In the fifth book in this series, Lt. Dekker gets an advance warning that he might be investigating a couple of murders when two people turn up missing after a high school reunion. When those bodies do indeed turn up, the lieutenant and his sergeant sidekick go to work. They start by interviewing everyone who attended that high school reunion. In their favor is the fact that not a lot of people attended the reunion, but it doesnt help them any when they find out that everyone hated one of the victims, but none of them appear guilty of murder....

Title : Murder at the High School Reunion (Dekker Cozy Mystery #5)
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ISBN : 20523843
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 257 pages
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Murder at the High School Reunion (Dekker Cozy Mystery #5) Reviews

  • Carol Carmichael

    Without a doubt one of the worst books I’ve ever read.

  • Linda Crowder

    I'm reading the Cy and Lou books in order and I liked several things about this book. First, I love that Cy is finally changing his ways. I'm working on that myself and find it encouraging. Next, I cheered out loud at the turn of events with Cy's horrendously annoying neighbor. Finally, I like the ending of this one, hinted at early on with a reference to "Murder on the Orient Express." Well done and I look forward to reading the next one.

  • Ellen White

    I have always enjoyed his books, the plot and characters of Cy and Lou.

    The banter between them and the jokes with Lt.Dekker. I enjoyed the first part of this story, then I got lost of what was going on, was it real or what. Will look for more by him, for do think the series is very good.

  • Pat Trattles

    Way too much telling in this story. I only kept reading because I wanted to know whodunit. The ending was a huge disappointment. Sorry, this may appeal to some but despite the humorous bits thrown in I couldn't get into it.

  • Noni Fro (Janon)

    DNF - life is too short and my "to be read" pile very long to continue with this book. If I have to keep going back sentences to try and decipher who is speaking, not the book for me.

  • Allison Kohn

    I enjoied this book even before I realized it was a real mystery and not just a comic. I would have never got to the mystery if the first part hadn't been so funny. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery and anyone who enjoys a splice of life with humor. I love the way it ended too - I haven't seen an ending like that in a long time.

  • Linda Gildner

    Love, love, love

    Humor, murder, and two unforgettable detectives made for an amazing journey into trying to solve the whodunit. The characters were so believable, with glass that one could relate to and relationships that were relatable to all. Such an enjoyable book.

  • Barbara Zeh

    I’ve been reading the books from this series (Dekker cozy Mystery) in order, and in their own way they do build on each other. The story was interesting, and as usual there were several people with a motive. Trying to figure out who had the opportunity, and who actually did the deed, make up the guessing game. What to do when the victim is basically hated by pretty much everyone who knew him. Once again we have a dose of mystery, with just a touch of humor thrown in, which keep the pages turning ...more