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Beyond Evil: Inside the Twisted Mind of Ian Huntley

The horrific murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman shocked and sickened the nation, and the man found guilty of their murders is now one of the most reviled men in the country. As if his crime was not dreadful enough, he has recently admitted that he lied under oath about the circumstances of one of the murders. This in-depth book is written by investigative journalist Nathan Yates, who witnessed the murder hunt first-hand and even interviewed Huntley his and former girlfriend, Maxine Carr. Yates also has an exclusive source for contact with Ian Huntley, and has further revelations about how far Huntley has lied about what happened that tragic day....

Title : Beyond Evil: Inside the Twisted Mind of Ian Huntley
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ISBN : 9781844541423
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 291 pages
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Beyond Evil: Inside the Twisted Mind of Ian Huntley Reviews

  • Beth

    A comprehensive account of the Soham murders, every bit as upsetting as you would imagine it is and very detailed. You come away from the book feeling you know the whole story of the case, along with feeling sickened that someone could do this.

    Unlike some other true crime books, however, this one made no attempt at objectivity. The author conveys his emotion and feelings on the case throughout, which is neither good nor bad, but adds a different feel to the book which some other true crime books

  • Kat

    The first chapters were interesting, delving into Mr Huntleys childhood and so on, exploring how he could develop into the person he became to be. Same goes for the chapters about Ms Carr. But the majority was just a retelling of all the details you already know if you followed the news at the time.

  • Julie

    This is an account into the Soham murders. It tell us about the early life of the sick mind of Huntley.The things that we find out the Huntley did before the killings makes you wonder what the British judicial system is doing and need to change things before something like this can happen...although sadly it already has (April Jones). This ANIMAL should have been locked up and the key thrown many years before.

  • Leanne Keenoo

    Disturbing account of this tragic incident that shook the whole nation.

    Written by a journalist involved in the case at the time, it's a harrowing account but couldn't put it down.

  • Lör K.

    The Soham Murders, the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman was very big when it happened, especially because I used to live only a 26 minute drive away from Soham at the time it happened. I think the scariest thing about this is that I was five at the time and even then I knew enough to know that Ian Huntley was a bad man, and this was a horrible thing that happened. The girls were only 10 and I happened to be in Soham with my family the day they went missing. After finding this out, I wa ...more

  • Kevin Walsh

    Being on a role when it comes to reading I have managed to finish two boos this week. The first one can be found here and now I am reviewing this book about the Soham murders.

    Nathan Yates who is a journalist for The Daily Mirror and worked the case as it happened writes this book. A book delves deep into the past of both the killer and his partner including their upbringing and Huntley’s previous sexual and violent history. I can help but think there is a heavy use of ‘artistic licence’ in the d

  • Suzanne Maughan