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My Monster Farts

Short chapter book ideal for kids age 5 up to 8.Zach has a pet monster called Lenny. No one else can see or hear him.He loves Lenny but there is one big problem. Lenny loves to fart! He farts at home and at school and everyone thinks that it’s Zach.Zach is tired of getting in trouble because of Lenny’s farting.What will Zach do? ...

Title : My Monster Farts
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ISBN : 18812320
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 12 pages
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My Monster Farts Reviews

  • Chloe Burris


    5 stars

    It was funny

  • judi massey

    Really Cute Book

    I gave this book a five star because it was absolutely adorable. It contained all the things kids like and dislike for it to be a good book to monsters, farts, school, little brothers and his favorite teacher. I read it to my nine year old tonight as his bedtime story and we both laughed so hard we almost cried, we can't wait till tomorrow night so we can read the next one. I only wish that the series had more than 3 books in it, the disappointing part will be not hav

  • Mary

    We have read this book twice in my class of 2nd graders. They love it and are begging for #2. The farting incidences in class and shouting out about them when they do happen have stopped since reading this. I so hate the word "fart;" it was never allowed in my vocabulary as a kid. However, my kiddos love this and I will read the others to them as a result.

  • Stacey

    Just right for real boys from a Boymom

    Funny, had my son's attention and he enjoyed it. This is a good book for moms of boys to read to their little boys. I know that some may think that this isn't good literature but in all reality, little boys fart. Big boys fart. And most of the time they think it might be funny to blame someone else. This just shows us the funny side of it. My little boy wants to read the next few books. And if a book on monsters farting makes my little boy want read more, th

  • Fox Kerry

    Ok . . . So how in the world did I end up with a book titles thusly in my hands (or on my Kindle). Short answer is, every boy wants to talk about farting. However, the topical is so juvenile it hurts, right? Well, the book is just as juvenile as expected--but that's the audience! I was sure it was really going nowhere early on, but it had enough fun and giggles to light up the little kid in me. I like that Lenny talks in the third person. I like that it's left up to you to decide who's passing t ...more

  • Jill Gomoll


    Great read with my first grader! Lots of laughs.looking forward to more! Carts are always funny! I love this book

  • Stephanie

    Not sure about this one

    While, my kids love this book... I don’t think we will be following up with the next book. How can you punish a child for having gas? Sending him to his room, walking out of a restaurant without him while pretending not to know him....? That is not something people can control. While the book is funny, my children are worried about being punished for their gas. Not ok.

  • Sharon H.


    Wyatt says it funny. JT says it’s great. Zach tells a good story, sort of, says JT. I liked Lenny the most. He’s so funny! says Wyatt.