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Stop. Leave me to my devices and go away. Just get off my back already, all right? You don't know me, don't know my situation. You don't know the town I live in, the people I live with, the friends I own. Don't hold me to your standards. Stop expecting the best from me. I've never been given the tools to be her. So let me alone. Life's easy when nothing expects so little of you. Easy is what I crave. Easy is what I do best. Let the world weep. What good could I possibly do them anyhow? Follow my lead and close your eyes. It's effortless. Stop asking about me. I'm okay with being no one, a nobody. I'm comfortable with this stagnant life.There's nothing I stand to lose. I've taken no risks. Life can't be changed by simply doing nothing. Can it?Im Lily Hahn and this is the story of how I went from a life of hollow nothing to a life of exhaustive agony and why I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world....

Title : Idle
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Idle Reviews

  • Michelle

    In general, I'm not a fan of YA or even NA much, but I'll make an exception for this author. Her writing is amazing. There are lessons to be learned in each of her books, for people of any age.

    Idle was another great book. Lily was portrayed so well, you felt her pain, her apathy, her disappointment, her excitment and finally her hope. I have absolutely no interest at all in chess, yet I was excited and nervous as she played.

    Another thing I liked, not only about this book, but about all of the

  • Oumy

    I have been waiting fervently for this book for more than two years. it was no easy task but I was sure that the author would deliver, and did she ever! I cried so much, smiled so big, felt immesurable heartache and I would do it all again if it meant reading Lily Hahn's story again for the first time!

    Like all the Seven Deadly books, Idle starts out with a deplorable character dealing badly with life, but Lily was so much more. i loved her so much from the get go. She was flawed and made terri

  • M.E. Carter

    I'm about to make my lazy 15 year old read this and remind her why I keep telling her not to be idle.

  • Trisha

    “Every person falls back, but not every person picks themselves up.” He looked at me. “Pick yourself up, Lily.”

    Another wonderful story. I love that I have a "go to" author - one that I know I can read her stories an absolutely fall in love. I love that Lily wasn't easy to like, not at first She IS idle in her life and I love that this author always does such a great job of showing us the 'sins' in easy, updated, real world situations. I thought Salinger was a little too squeaky clean and wonderf

  • Misty

    I think anyone who is a fan of Fisher has been not so patiently waiting for this book for what seems like forever. This series is one of my favorites ever. Her spin on the deadly sins engulfs you without you even realizing it. The way she takes these sins and makes them a reality that we can all relate to is pure magic.

    I have to admit this book was and will probably remain the one I was most worried about because in reality this is the one sin we are all truly guilty of at some point in our live

  • Jazzy

    A touching story of a girl whose potential is harnessed by a guy who cares enough

    Like other Amelie Fisher books, this one sucks you in. Lily is a girl whose circumstances mean she cannot and is unwilling to help herself. When time came for her to step up, Salinger was there. His gentleness and kindness never crossed the line to be overbearing, and he simply provided Lily with opportunities by which she could discover her potential. He never demanded or hindered. I was not really sure what Lily

  • Angie

    Perfect. I only have 5 authors that I will buy every single book from, without ever reading the synopsis. Fisher Amelie is at the top of the list. Never a regret and I knew there wouldn’t be. This book was just so good. I didn’t want to stop reading! ❤❤❤ ...more

  • Diane plourde

    A great story based on the 7 sins. Idle was quite the story that was entertaining and not what I was expecting.

    Lily doesn’t have any drive in life, just going along until Salinger shows her she’s worth more.

    An original storyline that was captivating.