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Cold Tuscan Stone

Rick Montoya has just moved from Santa Fe to Rome, embracing the life of a translator. Hes beginning to embrace la dolce vita when school friend Beppo, now senior in the Italian Art Squad, recruits Rick for an unofficial undercover role. Armed with a list of galleries, suspects, and an expense account, Rick would arrive in Tuscany posing as a buyer for a Santa Fe gallery and flush out traffickers in priceless burial urns. But, before sunset on his first day in Volterra, the challenge intensifies. Rick has one quick conversation with a gallery employee who dies minutes later in a brutal fall from a high cliff. Has the trade in fraudulent artifacts upgraded to murder? Are the traffickers already on to Rick? The local Commissario and his team consider Rick an amateur, and worse, a foreigner. Plus Rick is a suspect in what proves to be the dead mans murder. While the Volterra squad pursues its leads, Rick and the Volterra museum director continue to interview his list: a top gallery owner,...

Title : Cold Tuscan Stone
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ISBN : 9781464201929
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 212 pages
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Cold Tuscan Stone Reviews

  • Hw Huyler

    Great story, well worth reading, an Italian-American Interpreter becomes an undercover detective

    An Italian-American Interpreter becomes an undercover detective and asked or assigned to ferret out artifact thefts from a city in Italy.

  • Helen

    E-Reader. Mystery

    Rick Montoya moved from New Mexico, he a translator, to Rome, Italy.

    An old friend from a school asked Rick to do some unofficial undercover work.  To try & find the group who are traffickers in stolen burial urns.  His friend nickname is Beppo.  He works for the Italian government.  He is charge of anyone trying to steal & thing that belongs to Italy.  His girlfriend Erica said he should do this job.

    Rick has been Tuscany for short time when man died after falling from ve

  • Lynda Lock

    Great read. Lots of history, intrigue, mystery - plus food and wine! Perfect for me. We visited the city of Volterra in 2012 but only for a few hours. Now I wish we had wandered the streets and sampled the delicious food.

  • Lisa Leezer

    Intriguing and immersive

    I loved the authentic details making the book draw me in. I felt as if I was in Volterra. The imagery felt like I could see, smell, and feel the food, art, and scenery.

  • Sylvia Dugan

    This is the first book in a series featuring Rick Montoya, an American with an Italian mother and uncle in Rome. He is recruited by a friend from school who is in the Italian Art Squad to help uncover who is trafficking in the sale of priceless Etruscan antiquities in the town of Volterra. In addition to the mystery, we learn a bit about the ancient Etruscans who carved the beautiful funeral urns and sculptures that are being stolen and sold on the black market.

  • Philip A. Guercio

    Travelogue wrapped in a mystery

    This story started with great promise and resulted as a light tale of art theft, murder, and unfulfilled potential. It serves best as a travelogue for the Tuscany region of Italy. Fast read and reasonably entertaining.

  • Ann Roose

    Absolutely delightful

    A fabulous read. The characters,, the city, the food, the history and of course the wine are described in vivid detail. The story is entertaining and keeps one guessing right until the end.


  • Michael Dunn

    A first effort and it shows.

    The book plods along for 150+ pages. mostly is a travelogue for Volterra, the town.

    I easily guessed the guilty party when first introduced.

    The main character is personable, if a bit naïve, but then he's not a trained investigator.

    The girlfriend is an annoying bitch, wonder why the character is sodden with her. I hope she disappears.

    The story did contain some good red herrings and such a good twist for the ending, though the final scene was not believable. I like the m